Instrumental soulful jazz. Theremin effect over woozy brass intro with subtle keyboard chords. Drums and bass guitar enter, brass moves to a more melodic motif. Electric guitar flourishes then electric guitar and vibraphone melody. Change of pace to a more percussive gallop rhythm with horns. Back to bass, floating theremin and lazy brass and a dreamy guitar and brass melody, like bobbing on the ocean. Upbeat, driving rhythmic section on keys, drums and guitar, punchy brass and soulful saxophone build before slowing to a finish. Relaxed, lush, warm and hopeful, would suit a retro Film/TV scene, growing in excitement, tension building, or a romantic moment on screen where tenderness swings to all out love.

Solo Piano version available.


Not My Ask

Romantic jazz instrumental. Breathy saxophone melody, softly strummed guitar and gentle piano chords, joined by a selection of strings playing the undulating melodic idea in canon. Saxophone plays out before melting away to sultry breathiness again for the wistful mid-section. Strings wail, clarinet cuts through as the track builds in intensity before a quiet, reduced ending. Beautiful, sensual, intense and thoughtful, like the soulful East African jazz of Étiopiques. Would suit a highly charged, tender, romantic moment on TV/Film, or a reflective advert for something very special.


The Light (Suite)

A gentle atmospheric electronic track. Bassy opening, joined by warm melodic sequence on synth. Deeper synth sounds and added beats build up the track. Chilled and gently-shifting, this Drive-style track is perfect for a moody TV/Film sequence, neon lights at night, like shooting stars as our character drives by. There is hope somewhere out there in the starry sky, or maybe in the brightly lit city.

Vocal version features smooth and soulful male vocals.



Made up of three contrasting sections. First, a futuristic pastoral soundscape with a pan-pipe-like tribal-sounding repeated synth note calling out across the landscape. Then blobby liquid percussion, piano, glitchy electronics and drums interplay until they launch into a drum ‘n’ bass section. Birdsong and a return to nature follow, with forest sounds and a repeated electronic pulse. Next section seeps in with blissful major chords, dreamy glittering electronic fx, soulful beats and dubby bass. A spoken word sample situates us in hip-hop/jazz territory. The voice repeats “walk on, walk tall”, as sparkling synth gives way to birdsong and water. At times, tense, tribal and spiritual, moving to chilled, soulful and inspired, this would suit before/after adverts for a product meant to inspire, slow you down and change your life for the better.