The Secret Vein

Solo piano track. Assured piano phrases ebb and flow, swelling with tender emotion. Delicately played with moments of tension before a hopeful, pastoral movement. Atmospheric quality of vinyl. Thoughtful, romantic and passionate, perfect for a wistful onscreen drama, no words needed, a look says it all. Also perfect for compassionate advertising.


Space and Snow

Emotional piano. Quiet, soft atmospheric orchestral strings create sound bed. Expressive piano plays a yearning melody. Moving, tender and powerful, perfect for a TV/Film scene full of romantic longing and gentle love.


Sleepy Lullaby

Gentle piano and glockenspiel lullaby. Slow-paced, shifting broken piano chords accompanied by piano and glockenspiel softly playing a simple, childlike melody. Soothing, calming, loving and warm, would suit an advert for something that will safeguard your loved ones, allowing you to rest easy, or a sentimental TV show about cute kids or beloved pets.

‘Underscore’ version features gentle broken chords only, slightly 80s feel.


Not My Ask

Romantic jazz instrumental. Breathy saxophone melody, softly strummed guitar and gentle piano chords, joined by a selection of strings playing the undulating melodic idea in canon. Saxophone plays out before melting away to sultry breathiness again for the wistful mid-section. Strings wail, clarinet cuts through as the track builds in intensity before a quiet, reduced ending. Beautiful, sensual, intense and thoughtful, like the soulful East African jazz of Étiopiques. Would suit a highly charged, tender, romantic moment on TV/Film, or a reflective advert for something very special.



Warm piano and marimba track. Repetitive, emotional piano, warm orchestral strings swell and mellow melodic marimba. Calm, relaxed and romantic, would suit an advert for a loving product that will protect your family, or as background music for positive campaign videos and documentaries.


Electronic Ambient

A warm, bubbling synth track. Synth arpeggios undulate over warm strings and plucky guitar-like synth motif. All intertwine in a beautiful polyphony. Romantic, warm, loving, positive, hopeful. Like raindrops falling on water, this gentle track will cause emotional ripples. Perfect for a sentimental advert or, on film, a romantic conclusion.


I Mean

A contemporary emotional pop track. Intro of synth, chords and vocals. Hand claps and rich synth notes, joined by orchestral strings, build anticipation for the chorus drop. A bright chorus of falsetto male vocals and R’n’B beats gives way to a beat and synth driven second verse. 80s dreamy synth effects accompany the next chorus and continue into the break, joined by orchestral string and vocal samples. Vocal variations, strings and added synth and drum parts lead to a final emotional chorus. Heartfelt, loving, hopeful, young and fresh, would suit an ad campaign for a cool new product or service with emotional resonance, or a film moment where our character breaks free and finds new hope.



Solo jazz piano. Romantic intro of blissful exotic jazz chords, full melody of chordal 4ths calls to mind Erik Satie or Japanese-inspired classical composition a là Madame Butterfly. Delicate waltz section, playing around with the same Eastern-inspired chords. Hopeful, loving, content, would suit a romantic Film/TV scene where a smitten character floats on a wave of love. Would also suit a soothing, peaceful advert for a beautiful object or luxurious service.