Not My Ask

Romantic jazz instrumental. Breathy saxophone melody, softly strummed guitar and gentle piano chords, joined by a selection of strings playing the undulating melodic idea in canon. Saxophone plays out before melting away to sultry breathiness again for the wistful mid-section. Strings wail, clarinet cuts through as the track builds in intensity before a quiet, reduced ending. Beautiful, sensual, intense and thoughtful, like the soulful East African jazz of Étiopiques. Would suit a highly charged, tender, romantic moment on TV/Film, or a reflective advert for something very special.


Woodwind Fun

Playful woodwind call and answer. Brass “bass line” gives a foundation to the intertwined flute and reed lines’ jolly game of tag above. Fun, playful, pastoral and old-fashioned, feels like we’re prancing through the countryside with Mr. Toad and friends, or a having a jaunt in a topsy-turvy English hotel by the seaside.


The Time and Place (Clarinet)

Atmospheric, droney clarinet track. Multiple sustained clarinet notes overlap, free rhythm, seemingly random chiming layers of rich, earthy reed notes. Contemplative, meditative and soothing, ambient and contemporary, with a spiritual feel, track to suit an experimental visual for quiet, reflective documentaries or films.



An orchestral tango-style number on clarinet, piano and percussion. Piano provides chordal accompaniment to drums and clarinet, with some electronic effects and a drum kit adding a contemporary spin to the traditional tango style. Relaxed, jazzy and modern, but not trendy, this quirky track feels like a European take on tango, and a Woody Allen-style love letter to Europe.



Slow-paced, emotional orchestral string track. Tragic strings joined by hopeful passages of lively clarinet, moving in a slow and stately manner to a hopeful ending. Suitable for period TV drama interludes, the camera moving over a rainy English landscape, mirroring personal turmoil.



Slow-moving, quirky clarinet and string track. Building anticipation with low, pizzicato strings and a harsh, quacking clarinet line. Suitable for nature/wildlife docs or a mysterious, curious, comedic TV moment.



Whimsical piano and clarinet track. Amélie-like waltz, interweaving piano and clarinet. Seductive, mysterious and slightly melancholy, suitable for a dreamy TV/Film sequence in a strange underground speakeasy for outcasts and oddballs.


Expedition Whisky

Orchestral track with electronics. Woodwind intro with foreboding string section. Tinkling bells followed by dynamic, suspenseful woodwind, building timpani, plodding and threatening. Electronic section, synth and faraway beats, accompanied by incongruous woodwind and tense orchestral strings. Strange, intriguing and scattered, a mystery journey through a dark and confusing forest straight out of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Fun and freaky, for unusual advert or quirky onscreen moments.