Chilled trap/hip hop track. Summery Roland-esque organ sounds and quavering church-like synth strings build anticipation before trap beat drops. Devotional piano chords add to the gospel vibes. Zealous male vocal samples at intervals and deep bassy beats interspersed with breezy hi-hat interludes. Laid back, warm and uplifting, inspiring and reverent yet cool, like Kanye West’s Sunday service, hip hop and gospel influences, perfect for hopeful pop culture documentaries for adverts or calmly climactic TV sequences.


Puddle Pondering

Hypnotic improvisational string track on Cretan lyra. Layers of overlapping Cretan lyra play drone-like modal phrases. At 3 minutes, the various lines come together along with added percussion, to form a more driving, unified, full melody, growing in intensity with hints of Irish folk music and Arabic music, to a powerful ending. Mesmerising, contemplative and experimental, singular sounds for a documentary looking at lesser-known cultures, spiritual places or undefinable combinations of cultures.


Night Falls OG

Clean electronic track with drones. Slow, sustained harsh electronic, sitar-like drones, high pitched and spiritual. The tune drops, bleepy, cute and warm, sounding ultra modern with a suggestion of African rhythms. Drones re-enter, causing an interesting clash of moods, bright and bubbly vs pensive and introspective. Beat break, beats return and drones intensify. Mysterious and other-wordly, new and ancient, sparkling electronics contract with harsher, earthier tones, at once like Mura Masa feat, Charli XCX and Indian classical music. Would suit a fresh advert or TV show, visuals both cutting edge and ethereal.


The Time and Place (Clarinet)

Atmospheric, droney clarinet track. Multiple sustained clarinet notes overlap, free rhythm, seemingly random chiming layers of rich, earthy reed notes. Contemplative, meditative and soothing, ambient and contemporary, with a spiritual feel, track to suit an experimental visual for quiet, reflective documentaries or films.


Lonely Spirit Dance (Suite)

Orchestral track with exotic woodwind and rootsy guitar. A long string like a yearning animal cry, haunting female vocals like siren calls accompanied by slightly bluegrass style banjo and acoustic guitar. A melodic motif on woodwind and acoustic guitar pans an unspoiled landscape rich with colour and history. The guitar is offset by orchestral strings, elevating it to the level of an epic voyage across a fabled land. Magical, emotional, dramatic and wistful, we feel the spirits of another time traversing the land, perfect for a film/doc about a mysterious enigmatic place or time, or a nostalgic, epic but intimate advert.

Short version is 1 minute long with less of an epic build.



Made up of three contrasting sections. First, a futuristic pastoral soundscape with a pan-pipe-like tribal-sounding repeated synth note calling out across the landscape. Then blobby liquid percussion, piano, glitchy electronics and drums interplay until they launch into a drum ‘n’ bass section. Birdsong and a return to nature follow, with forest sounds and a repeated electronic pulse. Next section seeps in with blissful major chords, dreamy glittering electronic fx, soulful beats and dubby bass. A spoken word sample situates us in hip-hop/jazz territory. The voice repeats “walk on, walk tall”, as sparkling synth gives way to birdsong and water. At times, tense, tribal and spiritual, moving to chilled, soulful and inspired, this would suit before/after adverts for a product meant to inspire, slow you down and change your life for the better.