Acoustic Roaming

Happy-go-lucky acoustic guitar track. Lightly strummed acoustic guitar, bass guitar and soft drums introduce 60s Hammond organ style keyboards, and shaker percussion. A chorus of sustained chords on keys and electric guitar flourishes before a quieter guitar and percussion section. Back to full sound for an upbeat finish. Cheerful, hopeful and chilled, laid back fun, suitable for a upbeat, positive advert for a nifty service that will make life easier, or a product that will brighten your day. Also suitable for light-hearted documentaries.


Each Day With Me (Instrumental)

Easy-going acoustic guitar track. Gentle acoustic guitar finger-picking with soft piano chords beneath. Breathy vocal ‘Ooohs’ join at the chorus. Next time round more vocals with harmonies and fuller plucked guitar. Hopeful, positive, sweet and romantic, a bit Dawson’s Creek, and as wholesome as the Gilmore Girls, perfect for a saccharine advert or thoughtful, pastoral TV/Film scene.



Everything is going to be alright in the wide American open. Wholesome, unmistakably positive and with a message of hope. Full band with piano, strummed acoustic guitar, joined by harmonica and some confident hammond organ later in the song. Earnest and optimistic. Good for American adverts about family, getting together, doing nice things.


Port Authority Bus Station Blues

Atmospheric acoustic guitar track. Brooding solo guitar accompanies itself with finger-picking and block chords. Slow, meandering, expressive and nostalgic, suited to a turbulent TV/Film scene set in America. Becomes more emotional and dense throughout, growing in intensity and turning slightly melancholy.


Hump Back Blues

Jaunty acoustic guitar track. Solo blues guitar in finger-picking style, breezy and cheerful. Hints of jazz and improv in the mid-section. Slower, more expressive section to finish. Nostalgic, thoughtful and pastoral, would suit fun, American style TV/Film scenes or a playful nature documentary tracking fun-loving animals.



Cheerful acoustic folk. Solo acoustic guitar plays a sparse, gentle melody, accompanying itself with finger-picking techniques. Bright, hopeful and nostalgic, a warm bluesy acoustic track suitable for nature documentaries, or peaceful, pastoral Film/TV scenes of reflective reverie.


This is a Chair

Relaxed solo blues guitar track. Chilled acoustic guitar melody, calm and restrained with melodies emerging from the free rhythmic style. Dramatic build in speed and emotion before a strong, cheerful refrain, followed by a sparse, bittersweet outro.


Rituals and Pastimes

Jolly folk track on acoustic guitar. Finger-picking guitar in a blues/country style, cheerful, gently building in emotion. Mid-tempo, slowing to a more expressive finish. Perfect for a nature documentary about woodland animals or the spritely adventures of creatures of the great outdoors.


The Glass House

Acoustic guitar track. Slow, thoughtful guitar melody over repeated, plodding guitar countermelody. Slide-heavy mid-section, more expressive and animated. Gentle, calm and reflective folk music, perfect for pastoral Americana onscreen and nostalgic TV/Film/Doc scenes.


Ed Mark

Sparse, western acoustic guitar track. Desolate Americana with touches of harsh slide guitar, like something out of a tense, Ry Cooder-scored Western. Atmospheric, strange and nostalgic, would suit a cowboy parody or Western-style advert or TV scene/documentary.