Brash electronic metal instrumental. Harsh effects-laden guitar intro, drums enters with a gritty bass line. Bubbling bass, drums and choppy guitar section. Dark, heavy effected guitar returns with moody drums and bass. Bullet-like drums and laser guitar of the intro returns. Relentless rhythmic section like a round of gunfire before a drum outro. Dark, visceral, threatening and dirty. Like an electronic Pantera, would suit a hard-as-nails, moody, bruising TV scene or advert for a damaging, no-nonsense product that would wipe the floor with the competition.



Instrumental soulful jazz. Theremin effect over woozy brass intro with subtle keyboard chords. Drums and bass guitar enter, brass moves to a more melodic motif. Electric guitar flourishes then electric guitar and vibraphone melody. Change of pace to a more percussive gallop rhythm with horns. Back to bass, floating theremin and lazy brass and a dreamy guitar and brass melody, like bobbing on the ocean. Upbeat, driving rhythmic section on keys, drums and guitar, punchy brass and soulful saxophone build before slowing to a finish. Relaxed, lush, warm and hopeful, would suit a retro Film/TV scene, growing in excitement, tension building, or a romantic moment on screen where tenderness swings to all out love.

Solo Piano version available.


Analog Soul

A moody electronic dance track. 4/4 beats and warm synth chords builds in volume and intensity. Laser beam synths then a bassy break, back to the rhythm, a moody variation on the original. Double time beats build up adding a sense of urgency. Warm and rich with hints of darkness, this intense, hypnotic track looks toward the future, suiting adverts for cutting edge products or intense, emotional TV/film action sequences suggesting irreversible change.


Always Angry

Pulsating electronic thriller. Electronic horn-like sustained blasts, clanging sound FX, harsh drum machine. Ascending orchestral strings signal intriguing danger. A thoughtful, desolate electric guitar solo before a return to the relentless electronic sirens. Strings build again and electric guitar returns to finish. Automatic, inhuman, threatening and brash, the sound of a prison watchtower and the rhythmic plodding of prisoners boots, would suit a dramatic thriller on TV or Film.


In Spite of Time

Relentless and unforgiving, with bass synth arpeggios, strings and a rhythmical structure that induce and sense of anticipation and time-ticking end-of-game approaching. It builds steadily up to 0:40 and then grows in tension and suspense. Perfect for epic and adventurous games playtime background and TV entertainment.



A dark orchestral and electronic journey, with compelling grooves, balzato strings, and a carillon-like arpeggio that create the perfect bed for an edgy electric guitar. Epic and seductive, with modern sounds great for dark and celebratory scenes, TV shows backgrounds, Ad campaigns.


Rocking the Day

Positive and uplifting, driven by a highly energetic electric guitar and a pop-rock beat. Features a modern arrangement with different sections built to give a smooth and varied playtime. Ideal for motivational/inspirational videos, opening/closing credits, charity/corporate presentations and TV shows.


Urban Affections

Groovy and dark in its incipit, featuring a sexy synth bass and an upbeat 4-on-the-floor drumbeat that gains hope and brightness as it progresses. Warm electronic textures complete the scene and help in delivering an introspective but open and positive mood.


Sad But Hopeful

Emotional piano-led track. Sparse piano intro, joined by melancholy orchestral strings. String swell, subtle drums and a rhythmic piano motif, growing in confidence and strength. Slowly building, dialogue between strings and piano. Effects-laden piano gives a cold electronic edge. Reflective, yearning and questioning, would suit a TV/Doc sequence of high emotional intensity or a pensive moment on film.



African jazz instrumental. Snaking double bass intro, joined by jazz drums, vibraphone, electric guitar and keyboard playing a rhythmic motif. Change of rhythm, horn blasts then saxophone melody, subtle African-jazz style, effects-heavy electric guitar solo, brass noise before vibraphone motif returns and all play until the finish. Intriguing, exotic and sensual, with hints of Mulatu Astatke and a little Fela Kuti influence, would suit a travel documentary or Film/TV scene evoking the spirit of a hot night in urban 1970s Africa.