Meditative oud instrumental with male vocals. Upbeat, melodic oud, resembling sitar, repeating melodic ideas with sparse hand drums and intermittent guttural vocals on top, reminiscent of North Indian Classical Music. Plodding yet rhythmic and driving with an improvisatory feel, perfect for a Film/TV scene set in a vast, unfolding Middle Eastern landscape.


San Marino

Gentle pastoral orchestral string track with soothing male vocals. Slow, atmospheric intro of harp and percussion establishes a hypnotic plod before male ‘Aaahs’ softly wash over the instrumental bed. Subtle sustained woodwind added, along with sparkling percussion and orchestral strings, tambourine and flute. Calm, peaceful with a hint of excited anticipation. The Wicker man meets Green Man Festival, perfect for a fantastical film moment, a trippy woodland adventure, a Wicker Man-style , or nature documentaries.



Reggae track with electric guitar. Keys, bass, and drums holding down the mid-tempo rhythm, warm, retro electric guitar soloing, laid back brass interludes and a faraway male vocal chorus. Smooth, chilled, relaxed, easy vintage Rocksteady sound, would suit TV/Film/Doc usage for warm, soothing scenes or for adverts for laid back summer plans.


Black Stone (Suite)

Relaxed acoustic shuffle with hints of electronica. Acoustic guitar, shuffling drums and bright, fleeting electronic samples build to a steady laid-back groove, alternating between acoustic sections and more electronics-heavy breaks. Passionate, hopeful and romantic, would suit an intense emotional scene or a pensive onscreen road trip.

Vocal version is even more romantic, with breathy male vocals and tender lyrics.


Angel (Suite)

Driving, hopeful piano instrumental. Piano, acoustic guitar and muted percussion intro before the percussion takes off, galloping at a steady pace throughout. Subtle percussive electric guitar chord break before piano takes over, constantly building and reaching out for the finish line. Positive, energetic, upbeat and soul-searching, suitable for feel-good adverts, motivating music that will help you to follow your dreams.

Vocal version features female ‘aaahs’ and a American-style gentle male vocal.


I Mean

A contemporary emotional pop track. Intro of synth, chords and vocals. Hand claps and rich synth notes, joined by orchestral strings, build anticipation for the chorus drop. A bright chorus of falsetto male vocals and R’n’B beats gives way to a beat and synth driven second verse. 80s dreamy synth effects accompany the next chorus and continue into the break, joined by orchestral string and vocal samples. Vocal variations, strings and added synth and drum parts lead to a final emotional chorus. Heartfelt, loving, hopeful, young and fresh, would suit an ad campaign for a cool new product or service with emotional resonance, or a film moment where our character breaks free and finds new hope.


The Sounding Joy

An upbeat acoustic version of ‘Joy to the World’. Starts with layered vocal ‘ooohs’ accompanied by ukelele, drums, bass guitar and hand claps. This reduces to percussive rhythm on ukelele and drums with vocals. ‘Ooohs’ re-enter after the chorus with some bright ukelele chords. The verse again accompanied by percussion only. At the final chorus, all instruments enter for a rousing, joyous ending. Fun, warm, happy and hopeful. A heartwarming, modern update of a classic Christmas song, this would be great in a modern Christmas film or tv special. Subtly seasonal.


To Sleep

A dark synth pop track with dreamy male and female vocals. A synth pulse introduces male vocals. A dramatic pause before melodic beats drop with layered vocals. Dreamy, mysterious synth drones add tension. A drum and wonky synth break, the vocal chorus returns. A female vocal break ,then call-and-answer with male vocals, before coming together, echoed by the bass line. Synth drones and blobby beats accompany the female vocals an octave higher and male counter melody. Melancholy, tense and dripping in cool anticipation. Dark romance in the city by night. Driving. Coloured lights streak by. Too cool for love.


Voices of the Night

Unsettling electronic track. Random beats and electronic sound effects build a rhythmic base, unusual sound sources used to create percussive, sensory music. Bird sounds and male vocal samples introduced, like a call to prayer over glitchy beats. Strange, unexpected and off-kilter, experimental electronics to suit a curious, Vice-style documentary or quirky advert.