Queen of the Bees

Playful, percussive, pizzicato orchestral string track. Magical swooping strings and choppy, characterful violins duel over a swirling bed of orchestral hum with plucked violins and dynamic double bass adding further layers of texture. Quirky, pastoral and full of giddy anticipation, perfect for a nature programme on the fleeting buzzing of insect life, or equally suitable for a Christmas segment building seasonal excitement.


The Sounding Joy

An upbeat acoustic version of ‘Joy to the World’. Starts with layered vocal ‘ooohs’ accompanied by ukelele, drums, bass guitar and hand claps. This reduces to percussive rhythm on ukelele and drums with vocals. ‘Ooohs’ re-enter after the chorus with some bright ukelele chords. The verse again accompanied by percussion only. At the final chorus, all instruments enter for a rousing, joyous ending. Fun, warm, happy and hopeful. A heartwarming, modern update of a classic Christmas song, this would be great in a modern Christmas film or tv special. Subtly seasonal.