Epic orchestral soundtrack. Cinematic soaring strings, choppy dynamic violins, triumphant horns and rumbling percussive flourishes. Quieter section features female wordless vocals, chugging percussion and strings before a busier horn and string section to finish. Proud, dignified and victorious, suited to a classic blockbuster action film or and advert for an epic computer game, or a bombastic event.


Pressing Bruises

Happy piano build with vocals. Cute piano, keys, glockenspiel and hand clap intro. Anticipation builds with extra keyboards and piano chords. Female vocal ‘ooohs’ add a calming, dreamy quality. Excited, positive, relaxed and peaceful. Suitable for an advert full of anticipation that leads to a successful and calm resolution. Feels like a job well done: a beautifully painted room, a well-risen cake or a good night’s sleep.

Instrumental version available.

No Drums version available.

1 min and 30 sec ad length versions available.


Blue Diamond

Lush guitar production in this warm happy and carefree track. Rounded electric guitar is joined by a choir of female ahh voices, piano and drums. Imagine a sunny wholesome day out in the park with your best friends. Perfect advert music.


Sei Nu Mei

Moody, strong and beautiful, acoustic and electric guitar with strong echoing industrial rhythms and warm, glass-like sounds. Female “oo’s” wash in and out. Reminiscent of Bjork.


The Club was Full of Girls in 1981

Seriously Seventies disco track, with funk guitar, bass, keys, brass section and vocals. Sleek, funky and retro, perfect for advert encapsulating that feeling before hitting the club, getting ready for a night out with your ladies or your boys.


Move Your Feet

Quality disco with a laid back feel. Intro builds on a hi-hat drum riff with a funky bassline, joined by cool piano, jangling guitars. Cool, funky and earnest. Reminiscent of “We’re Lost in Music” by Sister Sledge.

Vocal version has words “move your feet, step up to the beat, got the urge to move your body”.


SOS til Memphis (Instrumental)

Haunting pious and atmospheric beginning with echoing vocals developing into sparse electronic rhythm with synth and organic fx. Sophisticated, thoughtful and restrained EDM.



Electronic beat-driven track. Tinkling glockenspiel, theremin, hand claps create a syncopated polyrhythmic texture. Middle-Eastern influenced female vocals and synth with sparkling percussion and harsh bass synth. Strange, hypnotic and edgy, would suit an onscreen mish-mash of cultures.


Con las Manos en La Masa

Electronic mash-up, reminiscent of both Batida and Reggaeton with female rapping and playful accordion, crunchy beats and fat synths. Cool, fun and urban, would suit a brash advert or TV scene.


Como Fugitivos

Dark Spanish female vocal track. Emotional vocals, manipulated strings, sound fx, electronic feedback and deep cello. Emotive, heartfelt and sombre. Suitable for a dramatic Film/TV scene.