The Issue Goes Deeper (Suite)

Lurching synth doppler effect creates an atmosphere of uneasy tension. One note rings out, klaxon-like, joined by threatening synth sounds panning across a bleak sonic plain. Hi-hat underpins the score with added suspense. Dark, desolate and unnerving, with a heavy, mysterious atmosphere that suggests an enemy at your shoulder. Perfect for a prison break, an abduction or an escape.

Light version has a longer, more exposed synth note. Simple version only features the doppler effect synth sounds, no central sustained note.


New England (Suite)

Contemplative interlaced harp and piano. A repetitive harp intro is accompanied by sparse piano chords, interweaving, questioning and answering each other. Ever changing piano chords shift the mood, creating sombre moments as well as moments of hope and clarity. Sparse, delicate and emotional, torn but determined. Driving in a car through suburban America, Autumn leaves falling, crunching underfoot. Ringing out changes.

Harp and No harp versions are simplified melodies with an added synth drone.


Ice and Steel

An atmospheric slow-building track. Sustained synth notes cut through with glassy, overtone-like sound effects. This intensifies and fades as the track progresses, sometimes interspersed with bursts of mellow static. A fragile regular beat is established, then fades out. Fuller synth chords emerge. The thin beat is re-introduced, accompanying a slowly shifting progression of synth chords and radio static. A short, simple synth melody enters over the shifting chords and regular beat, turning into a single repeated note by the end. Hypnotic, chill, mysterious, icy cool. On film, accompanying an enigmatic landscape, real or imagined, a cold barren place at dusk or a bleak situation.


That very thick cloud stuck in your mind

Dark and dreamy, featuring two distinctive sections: one with warm and fully charged synths, oppressing drones and skewed FX manipulation; the second with a tension-building 4-on-the-floor kick drum and a full a la Gorecki orchestral arrangement. Highly charged psychological thriller it’s the first application that comes to mind, but here there’s definite potential for a far deeper reach within your character’s wicked development. Scary.


Chilled Atmospheric Bliss

Ethereal and delicate, a relaxing episode of synths and organs that is both looking at the inner and outer side of your character. Blissful and gently flowing up in a sky made of pink streams of consciousness, will suit utopian sci-fi and fantasy settings.


The Tides of Life

Slow and intense, a solo piano tune with a long reverb that conjures images of dreamy, haunted angels. It has a somewhat plasticky feeling that hits somewhere in the middle of being for real or just daydreaming. As it progresses the mood shifts into epic territories using long form drones and high pitched synth instances. We are probably watching passers-by from the top of an evanescent skyscraper.


Sprinkles of Black Youth

Dreamy and hypnotic, a sapient episode of twisted synths, sustained and haunting bass drones, and heavily effected celesta that bring an unsettling and scary mood to the listener. It has a weird playful edge that evokes a sense of youth, though we are definitely not playing with positive characters here. Several applications, among those will suit teen thrillers, supernatural horrors with a delicate aftertaste.


Pensive wait

Light and repetitive, with a slight Asian flavour given by the instrumentation and a mysterious ostinato played by a filtered glockenspiel. It has a synthetic edge that takes away any human element from the performance, making it robotic and repetitive, almost hypnotic. Yet, it does not evoke a particular sense of danger or deceit.


Moment of clarity

Evocative and dreamy, an ambient episode of music with nice and largely white atmospheres. Features high pitched female choirs, quirky randomised percussive elements, and a series of everlasting drones. Somewhere in between ancient and futuristic, it’s an acid vision for your protagonist, albeit strangely calm and with the foreboding feeling that everything, in the end, will be fine.



Airy and dreamy, with a beating heart impression and a cheap electric guitar that deliver a straight and simple theme while lying on a bed of synth drones. An honest ambient tune with a sense of achievement and emotion, will suit evocative and truthful scenes that do not have to be grand at all costs.