Time and Memory

Gentle piano track with subtle orchestral strings. Repetitive piano motif builds, orchestral strings join, growing in intensity before a return to the lyrical solo piano. Warm, string swell rejoins, returns to solo piano. Lush, powerful and beautiful, would suit a pensive Film/TV/Doc scene encapsulating a sense of longing and nostalgia.


Not My Ask

Romantic jazz instrumental. Breathy saxophone melody, softly strummed guitar and gentle piano chords, joined by a selection of strings playing the undulating melodic idea in canon. Saxophone plays out before melting away to sultry breathiness again for the wistful mid-section. Strings wail, clarinet cuts through as the track builds in intensity before a quiet, reduced ending. Beautiful, sensual, intense and thoughtful, like the soulful East African jazz of Étiopiques. Would suit a highly charged, tender, romantic moment on TV/Film, or a reflective advert for something very special.


Brocken Spectre (Suite)

Slow build piano instrumental with orchestral strings. Single anticipatory notes on piano with delicate strings suspended above before the piano takes off with a short repetitive motif and the strings swell. Heartfelt, moving and beautiful, suitable for an advert that pulls on the heartstrings or emotional Film/TV sequence.

Solo piano version available.

1 minute and 30 second ad-length versions also available.



Solo jazz piano. Romantic intro of blissful exotic jazz chords, full melody of chordal 4ths calls to mind Erik Satie or Japanese-inspired classical composition a là Madame Butterfly. Delicate waltz section, playing around with the same Eastern-inspired chords. Hopeful, loving, content, would suit a romantic Film/TV scene where a smitten character floats on a wave of love. Would also suit a soothing, peaceful advert for a beautiful object or luxurious service.


What Really Counts

Tender and poignant, featuring reflection bells, synth drones, and a mellow strings orchestra that create a balanced sense of romance and yearning for a love that is probably now gone. Perfect for underlying a romantic relationship or a lonely emotional endeavour. Composed and timed perfectly for a 45 seconds trailer format, the editor in search for a piece written with a visual unraveling in mind will rejoice.


Chilled Atmospheric Bliss

Ethereal and delicate, a relaxing episode of synths and organs that is both looking at the inner and outer side of your character. Blissful and gently flowing up in a sky made of pink streams of consciousness, will suit utopian sci-fi and fantasy settings.


Harmonic Progression

Bouncy and playful, with a compelling dialogue between strings and brass instruments that create a feeling of discovery for somewhat young adventurers. Dangerous edge but overall positive and playful, Goonies-alike with an added feeling of grandioseness given by a strong orchestral arrangement.


Variation 1

Emotional and meditative, with a delicate piano solo that will instil warmness and poignancy in your visuals. There is a marked human quality in the performance, delivering a great sense of honesty and sincereness. It will play well for advertising products where a deep and thoughtful human connection needs to be established.



Emotional and tender, with an all in open-pedal piano and a light orchestral arrangement that make for a classic inspirational tune. With a grandiose feeling and a straight rhythmical pattern that gradually takes over until the end, it will suit classy short form advertising that musically needs to match a gradual grow in intensity without being too blatant.


Sprinkles of Edible Clouds

Intimate and contemplative, featuring an emotional pizzicato theme built on FM synthesis and swarms of orchestral strings that deliver an airy, meditative, serene and somewhat mysterious mood. Great for films, documentaries, and advertising with a sense of discovery and tranquil serendipity.