Haunted Music Box

Haunting simple and cinematic, with music box, angelic vocals, piano and orchestral strings, including a searching solo violin. If you are looking for a magical and macabre setting for something you’ve hit gold. This will suit pretty much anything from fantasy adverts to Brother’s Grimm fairy tales. You can almost hear someone narrating over the top. Brilliant.


Before My Time is Done

Hypnotic and earthy, with soft percussive elements, acoustic guitars and a mellow leading fiddle that take us into world/folk territories without being too flashy. Sounds like venturing into the wild unknown but you have all your marbles with you and you know what your are doing. See, if only Leonardo had this music in The Revenant, he wouldn’t have been molested by a bear.


March for a One Armed Nutcracker

Comedy for toy instruments. Sounds like: A riot of toys dancing around the tree at Christmas.


Like a Mantelpiece the Sea

Back room farmyard instrumental, acoustic instruments with a tender yet mischievous melody. Folky but genre-defying. An extension of the soundtrack to Withnail & I.



Delicate harmonies on strings, with later gentle percussion and theremin-like synthesiser.


Kerugugs Homecoming

Comic high-drama, toybox symphony. An epiphanic moment. Bagpuss and co. get back home after stopping an asteroid colliding with the earth. Or something. Mega-silly symphony of kazoo, voice and accordion.


Kentish Plover

Triplet-feel dramatic orchestral refrain, with soft voices and repeating phrases. This is hilarious and highly dramatic at the same time. Perfect for an episode of Bagpuss, if Bagpuss was trying to fly a biplane to the moon. Includes real violins, voices, kazoo, accordion, wooden percussion and a whole lot of interesting phrasing.


Ergo’s Circus Collection (Suite)

A suite of tracks all reminiscent of a weird but funny circus.



Delicate, soft harmonies from vintage synthesisers and glockenspiels. Dreamy atmosphere, inspiration from a melody by Edvard Grieg. Mysterious fantasy, sounds like something from Zelda.


Flea Circus & Ice Cream Man

Flea Circus is a drunken comic waltz, with high cartoon singing and cracking whips. I’m including this as the entire website’s most ludicrously specific track. If someone uses this, it can only be for a scene with a circus of very small creatures singing drunkenly together. With whips.

Then (in Ice Cream Man) they all go off and get ice creams in opera mode. Of course.