The End

Sparse piano chords, emotional, sustained strings, moves to repeated piano phrases and single strings line. A resigned conclusion. Pensive, desolate and heartfelt, suitable for the downbeat aftermath of a seismic event on TV/Film, or a warning advert.


Take The Breath (Instrumental)

Synth-pop instrumental. Synth motif over crisp, steady beats with woozy synth layers and snatches of melody on top. Motorik, moody, atmospheric. Darkness smeared with bright colour, suitable for a moody montage on Film/TV, a cool nighttime scene or fashion/lifestyle advertising.


Glass Lip

An atmospheric soundscape of extended strings and electronic drones. Synth and strings drones undulate while a sparse, heavily processed guitar punctuates. The pace quickens with more prominent synth before a fade out. Atmospheric, ambient, silvery and cold- ideal for a tense TV scene, a moment of reflection and introspection for our character as he gazes out on a cold, barren landscape.


Forêt de Broceliande

Sad solo flute. That’s it. And you don’t need anything more, perfect for a lament over the hills of war casualties, shredded flags rustle in a somber wind. And in her chamber, lady Guinevere brushes her hair as she softly sings to the ghosts of her fallen loved ones.


Playground Piano (Suite)

A short, resonant piano piece. Piano chord progression, reminiscent of church music, played with similar conviction and reverence. Full of awe, intensity, certainty, love, with a hint of sadness. Suitable for an emotional moment on film or TV, a funeral, or a moment of loss or of great change, reverent and respectful, heavy with emotion. Would also suit an advert suggesting sunshine after the rain.

Extended version features broken chords, as well as contemplative glockenspiel.

Extended version with Strings features sustained orchestral string swells, and glockenspiel. More emotional and immersive.


Haunted Music Box

Haunting simple and cinematic, with music box, angelic vocals, piano and orchestral strings, including a searching solo violin. If you are looking for a magical and macabre setting for something you’ve hit gold. This will suit pretty much anything from fantasy adverts to Brother’s Grimm fairy tales. You can almost hear someone narrating over the top. Brilliant.


Focus (Dharana)

A slow and unhurried build with synth strings and radiant tonal swirls. A roving bass line joins at 0:40. At 2:09 it breaks into something classy, a laid back but grooving rhythm section bears down and comes into its own at 3:33, losing the swirling synths, but adding rhythmic piano stabs. At 7:05 the swirls are back but now pulsing in time; at 7:49 our original strings and swirls are back again, finally at 9:14 the track gradually breaks down towards a faded end. Glamourous and dreamy with a killer groove. I’d imagine this working for a sophisticated branding video, for luxury products and/or spaces.


Wisdom Child

Relaxed and positive, with gentle indian instrumentation including tabla and sitar-like guitar. It doesn’t do much, just holds it’s space with a rich upright bass sound and the introduction of rhodes at 2:45, it would be almost lazy if it wasn’t for the tabla pushing things along with its crisp melodic insistence. The feeling I get with this track is like I’m drifting serenely down a river, and everything is totally ok with the world. Reassuring. Perfect for branded content with themes of travel.



Simple wistful piano piece with subtle orchestral strings, nodding to “Somewhere Out There” in Disney’s “An American Tail”, but usable in many poignant moments. I can imagine this in a campaign video asking people to help donate to a charity, or a sad but hopeful scene in a wholesome family series.


The glass lake

Somber and ethereal, with a piercing violin, a mellow vibraphone, and a classical piano that dialogue in a very physical and earthy performance in the vein of mid 1800s classical sonatas. Structured in 4 parts, the violin acts as a connector between all the sections and bridges firstly the vibraphone and then the piano, before returning solo for the coda. High quality execution that will fit dramas with a sense of sadness and longing with a seethed edge.