The Art of Playtime

Joyful piano and acoustic guitar track. Tinkling piano and twinkling glockenspiel are joined by gently strummed guitar, subtle strings and happy hand claps. Innocent, sweet and positive, suitable for wholesome adverts offering hope and happiness, sunny days and smiles.


Keep Quiet (Suite)

Driving piano build. Slow piano intro quickly gathers pace. Strings, high hat drums and glockenspiel introduced, a slight pause before the dramatic uplift to soaring orchestral strings, insistent piano and determined drums. Hopeful, joyous and positive, suitable for a feel-good advert where everyone is a winner, or for bombastic TV sports coverage.

Solo Piano version available.

Version with No Drums available.

1 min and 30 sec ad length versions available.


Un Frere et la Mer

Simple melodic guitar and percussion with feelings of fantasy, magic and a hint of oriental. Beautiful arpeggios layer upon each other in positive waves, accompanied by echoing vibraphone/glockenspiel, threatening to launch into the stratosphere. However the organic instrumentation keeps one foot steadfastly in reality, and what a nice lush reality it is 🙂 Perfect for a brand doc about something delicate and refined, feels a bit like you are flying above green pastures.


Saisis par le Soleil

Glassy tones with bright guitar arpeggios and gentle glockenspiel. Delicate timbre with emphasis on glittering fantasy. holds back and quickens to 2:51 where strummed guitar introduces a more urgent section with horns and building layers of harmony. At 4:58 there is a held breakdown where everything is still, like holding your breath, then glock and guitar build almost imperceptibly to a strummed final section with added percussion. A beautiful, sublime track.


Pile Dans Les tCnabres

Bright guitar strumming joined by upright bass and glockenspiel. Develops with fluttering arpeggios and more active glockenspiel lines, breaking down at 2:08 to a more pensive section with long cello notes and stately horns. Builds slowly in harmony, dynamic and layers to a controlled ending. Warm, delicate, complex and beautiful.


Morceau D'Amour

Beautiful glockenspiel sequences with classical guitar arpeggios. Joined by sighing deep cello lines. At 1:11 a simple pulse is introduced, progressing to full organic sounding beat with guitar strums. Searching, nostalgic, positive and dreamy.


Le Vent

Beautiful glockenspiel sequences with glassy synth in background. Joined by plucked classical guitar – very anticipatory. Stays on a soft dreamy tip until 2:30, where it breaks down with quick percussive glockenspiel. Finally breaks into a light beat at 3:53 with harmonising arpeggios, then builds slightly with synth pads. Simple guitar arpeggio outro.


La Paix

Percussive guitar and staccato glockenspiel accompanied by horns. Builds with syncopated percussion. Thoughtful, awake and intelligent with soft emotions. Sweet and brightly nostalgic.


Ex Tempate

Soft emotive classical guitar is joined by soft glockenspiel, and low cello. Neutral, sweet and passive at first but gets more intense by degrees til it ends full of longing. Feels like unrequited love.


Diane et Ido

Soft emotive classical guitar is joined by sad cello, soft glockenspiel, bass and melodica. Crescendo’s to a melancholy finish on solo classical guitar. Sad, magical, sensory, with a sense of loss and grieving.