Peaceful and bright, with a confident yet tender acoustic guitar and delicate piano inserts that build a relaxing and mellow episode of music. It gains strength and develops harmonically in the last 30 seconds. A bass guitar helps to deliver an effective coda that will suit the end of a cinematic sequence or advertising pieces.


Favourite Sweater

Bright and playful, with a light folk feeling delivered by accordion and acoustic guitar. In the second part the tune is complemented by a solid and reassuring bass guitar line. Will fit 30 seconds advertising and short product showcases.


Children Play

Bright and inspirational, featuring a piano solo performance built around a delicate arpeggio and an optimistic and catchy theme. A positive and playful episode that will greatly enhance inspirational/motivational videos, and charities/corporate presentations.


The Waiting Room

Light acoustic guitar arpeggios with soft background piano. Hopeful and poignant, with a positive ending.


Midnight Light

Somber beginning with heartbeat like pulse and lingering acoustic guitar, leading to hopeful mid-section, and a gently determined chorus with added drums. Medium Slow.