Going to Bill’s

Intense acoustic guitar instrumental. Dark, pensive intro growing in speed and intricacy. Quick, repetitive strumming creates a drone effect. Hints of Spanish/Latin American guitar, Western movie soundtracks, as well as Middle-Eastern sounds. Suspenseful, tense and brooding, moving like a seductive dance, would suit onscreen tension on Film/TV or a sombre documentary about seedy goings-on and modern-day cowboys.


Con las Manos en La Masa

Electronic mash-up, reminiscent of both Batida and Reggaeton with female rapping and playful accordion, crunchy beats and fat synths. Cool, fun and urban, would suit a brash advert or TV scene.


Como Fugitivos

Dark Spanish female vocal track. Emotional vocals, manipulated strings, sound fx, electronic feedback and deep cello. Emotive, heartfelt and sombre. Suitable for a dramatic Film/TV scene.




Eastern 2

Dramatic instrumental track. Glitchy electronics begin, joined by swooping orchestral strings and, soon after, the instrumentation and percussion reminiscent of a Bollywood soundtrack. Final section moves to a more Spanish guitar sound with the sounds of acoustic guitar and what could be intricate foot taps or castanets. A fusion track that would suit the movement from an intense to a more low key mood on screen.