Bollywood Love

Bollywood -style track with a contemporary R’n’B edge. A snaking sitar line is followed by tablas and an electronic beat. A flute melody joins before moving to a more intense, dramatic orchestral string section. Vocal samples and a change of rhythm with jazzy hip hop drums, before going back to the original sitar motif. Seductive, mysterious, intense and edgy, would suit adverts for products reflecting diverse city environments where the traditional and the contemporary mingle; or a TV/Film sequence referencing an edgy version of the Bollywood aesthetic.


Frisco Disco

High energy disco with a club feel. Intro builds in timbre crashing into sophisticated high energy disco arrangement with funky bass, bongos, string riffs, piano and the occasional sexy voice saying “yes”.


Dog Sled

Melodicas, Mandolin, strings, whistling and – get this – dog-like Inuit singing combine to create a rhythmic, snowy landscape atmosphere. Melancholy, otherworldly and humorous.



Begins with quasi-gamelan, becoming a dreamlike, wobbly guitar piece with gentle funk rhythms.


CERN Fulcanelli at the LHC

A quirky, charming theme with bell-like zithers, light percussion, with held sections with brooding percussion and lilting high electronic voices. A happy, bumbling and disjointed procession.


Wicked Tuna

Rousing war horns intro, industrial beats and bass line develop into searing synth arpeggios, with ghostly vocals rising to a dark crescendo.


Silhouettes – Florida Room

Full band, indie rock – clockwork beginning to relaxed verse, still chorus, gaining momentum and pace into held harmonious bridge and a measured ending. Medium – medium fast


Other Lives – Florida Room

Full band, high powered indie rock – emotive, pulsing beginning to catchy stabs in verse, head nodding chorus, intense bridge and soaring final chorus


Letters To Berlin – Florida Room

Full band playing high powered indie rock – emotive, catchy riff in chorus, big bridge and finale


Hungry Ghosts

Downbeat electronic track with rap vocals. Bouncy beat-driven intro, trap beats and electronic samples. Frenetic samples and steady hip hop beats. Rap verse followed by musical break. Dark, pensive and driven, would suit an urban TV sequence.