Electric Dust

Electronic instrumental with fat synths. Electronic beats and congas to start, joined by electric guitar build up, anticipatory synths grow to a frenetic, squelchy synth section with industrial beats. Clunky, noisy beats give way to a delicate and funky guitar riff. Builds back to punchy, garish synths and relentless, driving beats. Hyperactive, unpredictable and high-energy, positive party music to build excitement. Would suit a rollicking ad campaign or breathless onscreen chase scene.


Armageddon Voucher

Bloopy electronic with feedback and sound effects. Opening synth phrase on repeat, creating a sense of propulsion. Noise and deep, grounding sound effects create a dark, murky atmosphere. Grows in volume and intensity before the noise drops out halfway through. The synth idea drops out and woozy, dreamlike synth drones are drowned out by harsh electronic feedback noise. Driving, hopeful and tense to begin with, then abstract, intense and overwhelming. Perfect for a sci-fi world or frightening documentary about the future of humankind.


Dark City Drone

Atmospheric electronic soundscape. Creaking, crackling electronics, sustained synth drones, reverb electronics and industrial sound effects. Dark, ambient and foreboding, subtle background music for a tense documentary.


Farewell to Arms

Build of electronic arpeggios over rasping synths leads to a massive industrial drop at 0:15. Smooth, dark and serious. Elements of Massive Attack and Tricky. 1 minute ad length.


Hide and Seek

Dark and hypnotic, with a wobbly bass synth and groovy drum beats that make for a deranged industrial setting. Challenging moments ahead. Feels like being underwater. Will suit sci-fi and dystopian worlds.


Dooms and Chills

Mysterious and saturnine, with filling bassy drones and evoking swarms of synths that create a sense of uneasiness and dark anticipation. Steady until 2:50, it then builds up to a more loaded setting at 4:00, and then delivers different thrilling flavours shifting every couple of minutes. Great for thrillers, horrors and psychological settings.


Dress Me Up

Catchy and playful, with saturated beats and a mildly aggressive synth that take the listener into a pop dimension but with grittiness and a lot of colour. A bit like Gary Numan ‘Cars’ mixed with a minimal hipster.



Dark and slow burning, featuring hypnotic synth arpeggios and mystical choirs that develop in a full grand orchestral hybrid arrangement in the second part. Builds up steadily till 1:50 and then steps up with brass instruments. Great fit for big epic film scoring and otherworldly, mystical characterisations. Flash Gordon would love this.



Death Is a She Named Barsheen

Groovy and suspenseful, with alluring mystical vocals and a dark progressive synth-led rhythmical pattern that evoke exotic worlds caged in a first period Massive Attack-like tune. Structured in three parts, it builds up to 1:30 and then delivers a minute of aggressiveness led by a gritty electric guitar. Wonderful as background and title sequences for futuristic, dystopian and ancient/exotic settings.



Begins with quasi-gamelan, becoming a dreamlike, wobbly guitar piece with gentle funk rhythms.