Melancholy harp with orchestral strings. Repeated harp motif, joined by a swell of orchestral strings. Melody doubled on piano while suspenseful strings flit above. Woodwind and harp interlude before a fuller rendition of the melody. Emotional, thoughtful, and slightly dark, a wintry, pastoral instrumental, suitable for TV/Film dramas set on the moors, or the troubled mind of the protagonist.



Pulsating synth soundscape, suitable for continuous looping. Darting synths and fast-paced echoing beats. High-tension, dark and anxiety-inducing, would suit a tense action-movie moment when our protagonist stalks his enemies in a risky re-con mission.


The Issue Goes Deeper (Suite)

Lurching synth doppler effect creates an atmosphere of uneasy tension. One note rings out, klaxon-like, joined by threatening synth sounds panning across a bleak sonic plain. Hi-hat underpins the score with added suspense. Dark, desolate and unnerving, with a heavy, mysterious atmosphere that suggests an enemy at your shoulder. Perfect for a prison break, an abduction or an escape.

Light version has a longer, more exposed synth note. Simple version only features the doppler effect synth sounds, no central sustained note.


That Very Thick Cloud Stuck In Your Mind

Dark and dreamy, featuring two distinctive sections: one with warm and fully charged synths, oppressing drones and skewed FX manipulation; the second with a tension-building 4-on-the-floor kick drum and a full a la Gorecki orchestral arrangement. Highly charged psychological thriller it’s the first application that comes to mind, but here there’s definite potential for a far deeper reach within your character’s wicked development. Scary.



Breezy and atmospheric, with a nice combination of strings and woodwinds that deliver ostinato figures and create a bed for a piano solo theme in the middle section. It is somewhat excited and relentless, with a sad tone and melancholy lurching around. Definitely not standing still, will suit running scenes, possibly nature shots and short form adverts. Period dramas a la Atonement welcome here.


Not This Day

Hugely passionate, an intense dialogue of strings intertwined beautifully to create a beautiful, varied and dynamic piece. A stream of playfulness and longing, with determined and delicate sections. This feels like an emotionally charged dance, a passionate love-making session, a frenetic game, a storm ravaging the sea. Not This Day takes us through many different states, and eventually rests with a triumphant positive end.


Sprinkles of Black Youth

Dreamy and hypnotic, a sapient episode of twisted synths, sustained and haunting bass drones, and heavily effected celesta that bring an unsettling and scary mood to the listener. It has a weird playful edge that evokes a sense of youth, though we are definitely not playing with positive characters here. Several applications, among those will suit teen thrillers, supernatural horrors with a delicate aftertaste.


Electric Rain

Dazed and hypnotic, a fistful of electricity and fast paced action in this 1 minute episode of electronic madness. A boomy bass synth and low-fi drum machines make for a compelling tune that evokes vintage electronica without denying modern day EDM. We are spectators of futuristic cities, doomed detectives, wrecked cars and dodgy gangsters.


Intricate Workings

Dreamy with a groovy edge, a potpourri of computer blips, outer space laments, and Brain Eno-alike synth drones all complemented by a mellow dance rhythm. Built as ABA structure, it’s got a quirky and slightly unsettling mood, something like a slow cooked psychedelic trip on the dance floor.


Kill the robots

Repetitive and flowing, it starts tense with a rhythmical bass synth. Soon a detuned piano enters the scene to counter balance the darkness with some emotional lighter ideas. The bass follows it as a drum section slowly creeps in and helps in gaining strength to the tune. There is sense of longing and broken romance, but defiance and challenge are definitely ahead. Somewhat in between hi-tech and retro.