Exclusive! Theme 1

Fast-paced jazzy brass track. Jazz drum roll introduced rollicking drums, horn blasts, flashy brass melodies and playful Rhodes piano.Wacky, energetic and showy, a lively track perfect for a flashy, cheesy advert, as a TV gameshow theme tune.


Cafe Incident

Tense orchestral string track. Choppy violins enter with erratic melodic phrases over a foreboding sustained double bass note. Extra layers of strings interrupt each other creating a chaotic ambiance. Screeching violin samples then flurry over drums and a strong, driving, repeated melodic idea, coming to a dramatic finish. Nerve-wracking, threatening and doom-laden, a worrying barrage of string suspense, suited to an action movie scene or advert evoking this sense of exhilarating fear.



Dreamy and emotional but polluted in its arrangement, with digitally distorted synthesisers that swoop around the sonic sky and create an interesting black and white post apocalyptic romance theme. Futuristic and hypnotic, there is also a nice and straight kick drum bouncing on the lower spectrum of frequencies that help in establishing a catchy danceable rhythm.


In the Dead of the Night

Pensive and somber, with an overarching negative mood given by bassy orchestral drones and subtle electronics. The middle section features a poignant counterpoint between a cello and an oboe. A sparse and saturnine sense of the inevitable leaning to Hollywood style romance stories.


War in a dark world

Epic with a mystical accent, starts with long low pitched pads and an otherworldly vocal part that evolves into a multi layered evocative choir. At 1:45 becomes more rhythmical thanks to an energetic orchestral arrangement and strong percussive elements. Ancient armies on the verge of a war with supernatural forces.



Dramatic waves of rippling piano moving between positive and uncertain. Delicate and undulating, vulnerable and jarring.



An atmospheric journey with dreamlike textures, featuring bells, shuffling drums, and syncopated orchestral strings. Searching, driven, and slightly chaotic, suitable for promo videos, travel segments and poignant moments. Picture a lush dreamy national geographic panorama.