Heavens Rage

Slow, mournful piano, cello and violin track. Long cello notes and sustained piano chords slowly shift between melancholy chords. Expressive violin solo enters with a Japanese feel, like the colourful melody of a Studio Ghibli soundtrack. Tender, poignant and romantic, perfect soundtrack to an epic American Civil War film or a wistful advert full of longing.

Piano and Cello and Piano Solo versions available.


Happy Days (Suite)

Slow searching piano and solo violin reminiscent of “Spiegel im Spiegel” by Arvo Part. Sweet, innocent,yearning, with a powerful emotional impact.



Simple wistful piano piece with subtle orchestral strings, nodding to “Somewhere Out There” in Disney’s “An American Tail”, but usable in many poignant moments. I can imagine this in a campaign video asking people to help donate to a charity, or a sad but hopeful scene in a wholesome family series.



Serene and dreamy, with ethereal sound effects, soothing strings and a sequence of mellow piano chords that deliver an ambient and relaxing feeling. It has a steady progression over the 5 minutes running time. Gradually taking the listeners to uplifting regions (especially from 2:30 onwards), this will serve well romantic dramas, and corporate and inspirational videos with a big heart.


In the Dead of the Night

Pensive and somber, with an overarching negative mood given by bassy orchestral drones and subtle electronics. The middle section features a poignant counterpoint between a cello and an oboe. A sparse and saturnine sense of the inevitable leaning to Hollywood style romance stories.



Wistful but hopeful, a classically orchestrated episode of musical tenderness and gentleness with a poignant piano theme complemented by soothing orchestral strings. It resonates with emotional and melancholic characters, and will suit period and modern drama productions.


Meeting is Over

Pompous and hypnotic, with an entrancing dialogue between vocals and harmonica that create an meditative and longing feeling. A compelling folk with a dark flavour, will complement your character as he makes it to the top of the mountain and looks at the world from a higher perspective.


Distant Lands

Contemplative and poignant, featuring an ethereal yet moving piano solo figure complemented in the last section by a mellow strings section. Ideal for emotional advertising, romantic movie scenes, and end title sequences.


The Waiting Room

Light acoustic guitar arpeggios with soft background piano. Hopeful and poignant, with a positive ending.