Endless Sands

Oud instrumental with strings drones. Oud improvisational melody with a string drone building atmosphere and tension. Intermittent percussive snare rumbles punctuate the drone. Rhythmic percussion introduced and some vocals and a short expressive but subtle ney interlude. Anticipatory, mysterious and exciting, perfect evocative Arabic instrumental to soundtrack documentaries or travel shows.

Alt versions have a more free and meandering feel.


Heavens Rage

Slow, mournful piano, cello and violin track. Long cello notes and sustained piano chords slowly shift between melancholy chords. Expressive violin solo enters with a Japanese feel, like the colourful melody of a Studio Ghibli soundtrack. Tender, poignant and romantic, perfect soundtrack to an epic American Civil War film or a wistful advert full of longing.

Piano and Cello and Piano Solo versions available.


Space and Snow

Emotional piano. Quiet, soft atmospheric orchestral strings create sound bed. Expressive piano plays a yearning melody. Moving, tender and powerful, perfect for a TV/Film scene full of romantic longing and gentle love.


Salt Sea Wind

Reflective solo piano track. Melancholy piano melody with undulating broken piano chords beneath. Emotional movement and expressive phrasing. Sad, yearning and romantic, a cry to a long-lost love or bygone time of happiness and gaiety, perfect for a desolate, dramatic TV/Film scene.


For All The Children (Part 3)

Dramatic, hopeful piano and orchestral string track. Warm, expressive orchestral strings soar over undulating piano arpeggios imitating a lifeboat on rough seas. Conflicted, yearning and sombre with a ray of comforting hope, perfect for romantic period dramas.


For All The Children (Part 2)

Dramatic orchestral string track with piano. Expressive strings soar over fast-moving piano arpeggios, creating a melancholy wash of yearning and unfulfilled desires. Powerful, dynamic and passionate, perfect for an uptight British TV drama concerning repressed lovers.


Antiphon No.4 (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

Cinematic piano and orchestral string track. Serene orchestral strings and undulating piano create a dense, dramatic soundscape full of passionate yearning. Hopeful, romantic and expressive, perfect for a tense, sensual and tumultuous onscreen romance, think A Room With A View, set in a lush and dreamlike environment.


Antiphon No.2 (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

Expressive piano and orchestral string track. Sweeping, passionate piano runs and soaring orchestral strings move with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Lyrical, dramatic, sensuous and beautiful, perfect for a romantic scene onscreen or an impressive advert for a luxurious product.


It Was Revealed (Parts 1 and 2)

Expressive orchestral string track. Gentle, lyrical orchestral strings soar in counterpoint over an unsettlingly tumultuous piano part. Dramatic, cinematic and slightly cacophonous with a European sensibility, would suit a passionate TV Drama or period film scene.

Part 2 features a fuller orchestral string sound and heavy use of vibrato, with piano taking a back seat.


KMH Part 1

Minimal piano track. Polyrhythmic piano lines interweave creating a continuous, flowing waterfall effect. Sweet yet dissonant, atmospheric and turbulent. A dreamlike cacophony in the mid-section, before an expressive, virtuosic, yet disturbed, finish. Suited to an unsettling Film/TV scene, a psychological horror reflecting the characters tumultuous experiences.