Down These Roads

A strong industrial beat joined by a strident classical strings and mandolin-like synth, introduces a sampled female vocal singing “I’ll drive down these roads”. Massive, triumphant, fanfare, orchestral big beat / in your face hip hop. This has got car advert all over it.


Pass it Off – Dub Instrumental

Full on in your face hip hop. It’s big, it’s bad and brash. Recommended for rapid cut promos, or waking up the neighbours. This guy knows what I’m talking about. I’m nodding my head as I type this. Imagine Busta Rhymes ‘Ante Up’ mixed with a little bit of Missy Elliot and some chipmunks, but like, hip hop chipmunks. All samples cleared.



Gritty hip hop and funky elements make for an energetic and cheap jingle-like short episode of compelling beats. An orchestral arrangement complements the scene and creates a 1 minute musical progression ideal for sport broadcasting and anything that requires a short and energetic interlude.



Uncomfortable reggae-funk, with what sounds like electronic braying donkeys in the background (melodica). A quizzical brooding atmosphere with heavy beats. Imagine a slightly dysfunctional circus-like “Your Woman” by White Town.