Too Much Noize

High energy rock. Tight drums, scuzzy electric guitars, fast paced and heavily compressed. Fast drum break and frantic electric guitars to finish. Upbeat, confident and direct, in-your-face with plenty of Queens of the Stone Age swagger to suit an advert with attitude, Top Gear-style daredevil TV.


Backyard Grit

Fast-paced alt rock instrumental. A tight heavy metal style electric guitar riff over quick, insistent drums. Short, sharp stabs of sound with elaborate, manic drum fills bridging the gaps. Aggressive, mischievous and incendiary, sounding like Foo Fighters or Queens of the Stone Age, provocative music that spells danger and rebellion. Perfect for badass rule-breakers on TV/Film, or for a ball-busting advert where the status quo is crushed to smithereens.


Base Jumper

Grungey rock ‘n’ roll instrumental track. Rage Against the machine-style guitar riff, steady drums, followed by a Nirvana-style more downbeat riff with more prominent bassline, ending on the original high-octane guitar section. Angry, powerful, loud and proud, classic 90s rock perfect for energetic TV interludes, adverts for flaming whopper burgers, or for a powerful film scene representing a challenging character in defiance of authority.


Where’s the Justice

Light and smooth, with solid acoustic guitars and honest vocals that make for a warm pop-rock episode with a folk edge. Variation to the main theme at 1:40 seconds. Ideal for light advertising, end title sequences and modern dramas.


Together for a Better Day

Confident and cheerful, with energetic electric guitars and playful synths that create a perfect designed-for-catchiness mood. Structured in three parts, with a guitar riff intermezzo at 0:40 and a bass-led coda that starts at 1:23. Perfect for a variety of uses, including corporate videos, inspirational advertising, product showcases.


Rocking the Day

Positive and uplifting, driven by a highly energetic electric guitar and a pop-rock beat. Features a modern arrangement with different sections built to give a smooth and varied playtime. Ideal for motivational/inspirational videos, opening/closing credits, charity/corporate presentations and TV shows.


Fast Eddie

A compelling dialogue between a crunchy electric guitar and brass instruments, this tune successfully mixes mid-sixties elements with an energetic funky attitude. In the second part the brass section delivers a Ska punk aftertaste. Urge Overkill and sped-up Al Green make for a Tarantino-esque setting. Ideal for a title sequence, ad campaigns, TV shows.



Tribal sounding and fiercely hopeful – as the name suggests. Tribal rock drums joined by piano and strings. Ad length, striving for excellence or some sort of stuff like that.


The Colour’s Coming Back to our Faces

Happy positive rock track with electric guitar, strings and piano. A bit Coldplay “When I Ruled The World”-like. Wholesome, warm and optimistic. Something great has happened, something has been achieved. We’ve done it. Perfect for corporate / charity campaign.


Silhouettes – Florida Room

Full band, indie rock – clockwork beginning to relaxed verse, still chorus, gaining momentum and pace into held harmonious bridge and a measured ending. Medium – medium fast