Mea Culpa

Uplifting piano-led build. Strange delicate guitar, wispy sustained strings, sombre piano chords, floating overtones, before a dramatic entry by spirited, melodic piano, determined drums and feel-good orchestral strings. Curious, pensive and meandering before a powerful, driven, excited outburst. Suitable for a dramatic change in tone on TV/Adverts. This week on Celebrity Tummy Tuck, one of the group is packing their bags and on their way home…or are they?? NO! Everyone gets to stay, and go on a yacht!!!

Clean version features alt beginning, just piano.

Version available with No Drums.

1 min and 30 secs ad length versions available.


Dayenu (Suite)

Uplifting piano and strings build. Two soothing piano lines playing broken chords, joined by gently plucked harmonising acoustic guitar. Bass guitar and drums add depth and a sense of anticipation. The pace builds on drums, orchestral strings enter subtly before a quiet piano break. Strings re-enter, guitar, then piano, drums signal a change, then into the song full throttle, ending on a curious triumphant horn note. Gentle but excited, happy, hopeful and positive, perfect for a advert for health matters, a trustworthy or ambitious service doing good for your family.

Solo piano version available.

Version with no piano available.

1 min and 30 sec ad length versions available.


Vagabond Instrumental

Ambient Electronic track. Subtle electronics, delicate bubbly beats, synth vocal samples, orchestral strings and warm reverb, strings build with percussive electronics, back to quiet reverb section. Tranquil, romantic, uplifting, suitable for hopeful adverts or film/TV sequences, the sound of a future world where robots turn out to be friendly and caring.



Uplifting orchestral track. Warm orchestral strings and sparkling percussion with added harp, drums and choral vocals. A merry dance with a festive feel, somehow Christmassy although imbued with golden sunshine. Delicate, bright and brimming with hope, would suit an advert for an exciting, magical event or a warm and hopeful TV/Film moment.


Former Glories (Suite)

Guitar-based feel-good instrumental indie track. Killers-style intro on bass and guitar with an uplifting synth line, growing in intensity throughout the track. Driving, emotional, hopeful and inspiring, this track punches the air. The soundtrack to a blissful shared experience – perfect for sports coverage or a joyous advert encouraging new experiences.

1 minute and 30 second ad length versions available.


A Victory For No One (Suite)

An warm, uplifting slow build on piano, with bubbling electronics and soaring orchestral strings. Atmospheric electronics introduce and add edge to a hopeful chord progression on piano. Orchestral strings join later, moving to a quietly euphoric finale. Positive, emotional, heart-warming and a bit love-struck, this emotional build would suit a love scene, or a scene in which our character succeeds against all odds.

No Strings version – A subtle string-like synth replaces full orchestral strings, electronics are more prominent.

No Piano version – Longer build up, Drive-like sustained bass synth notes hold the chord progression. Less sentimental.

40 second version – Shorter, with a quicker journey to the rapturous finale.


Fabian to Chloe – There’s Hope

Childlike, uplifting and positive, introduced with chimes and light guitar, joined by warm strings and piano in a descending sequence that evokes feelings of hope, light and harmony.


Grassy Knees

Airy and positive, with effective piano chords and a pop-rock arrangement that complement the scene from 1:00 onwards. Claps and pizzicato strings add lightness and fun at minute 1:30. We are decisively in the corporate/showcase videos domain, although this is done with a warm and classy touch that will suit high level products, definitely inspirational without being too disruptive.


Living Out Our Dreams

Serene and uplifting, with bright electric guitars and a happy-go-lucky upright piano that create a perfect flowing and warm mood. Arranged in a pop-rock fashion with a solid rhythmic base, will play well as title track for sitcoms and romantic comedies, but also as corporate playback bed.


Together for a Better Day

Confident and cheerful, with energetic electric guitars and playful synths that create a perfect designed-for-catchiness mood. Structured in three parts, with a guitar riff intermezzo at 0:40 and a bass-led coda that starts at 1:23. Perfect for a variety of uses, including corporate videos, inspirational advertising, product showcases.