Before You Go (Suite)

Chilled electronica. Soft, atmospheric synth build becomes background synth drone under a slow, syncopated, tropical beat. Bright, colourful synth shines on top of an ambient base with growing beats and weightless synth lines reaching out like tree vines. Calm, peaceful and futuristic, a musical utopia, perfect for uplifting TV scenes or as an accompaniment to a soothing, hopeful advert for ethical fashion or worthy causes.

Vocal version features Molly Nilsson-style breathy female vocals – cool, calm and atmospheric with a hint of 90s nostalgia.


Meditate (Suite)

Ambient electronic tracks. Electronic swell to begin, glassy drones, intermittent clusters of delicate harp-like melody, a steady meditative, pulsating electronic drone throughout, ebbing and flowing. Quiet, thoughtful and inspiring, mood music for intense TV moments, sonifying the ebbing and flowing of our characters’ emotions.

Outro, slightly louder and more rhythmic.

Build track, rhythmic build with reverb and hints of electric guitar.

Drums, slow-paced kick drum beat and string-like swell.


Sleep (Suite)

Dreamy electronic soundscapes. Atmospheric electronic noise, warm synth swells, bleepy electronics and fresh waves of cool ambience. Thoughtful, introspective and inspiring, a refreshing walk on an electronic beach, would suit strange Film/TV situations…otherwordly, operating on a different plane.

Build track, added electronics tinkling synth line and swooping synth waves.


The Light (Suite)

A gentle atmospheric electronic track. Bassy opening, joined by warm melodic sequence on synth. Deeper synth sounds and added beats build up the track. Chilled and gently-shifting, this Drive-style track is perfect for a moody TV/Film sequence, neon lights at night, like shooting stars as our character drives by. There is hope somewhere out there in the starry sky, or maybe in the brightly lit city.

Vocal version features smooth and soulful male vocals.


Another Place

An atmospheric, electronic dance track, like a more laid-back Justice or a more direct Sebastian Tellier. Muted beats joined by warm hopeful synth, clap beats and more synth add depth and anticipation to this soft techno track. A blobby, dreamy bassy synth melody cuts through the beats adding warmth and cool French vibes. Perfect for fashion adverts, the colourful synth and beats providing an atmospheric backdrop to ads for products and clothing for hip young things.


Analog Soul

A moody electronic dance track. 4/4 beats and warm synth chords builds in volume and intensity. Laser beam synths then a bassy break, back to the rhythm, a moody variation on the original. Double time beats build up adding a sense of urgency. Warm and rich with hints of darkness, this intense, hypnotic track looks toward the future, suiting adverts for cutting edge products or intense, emotional TV/film action sequences suggesting irreversible change.


Never Wanna Say

Synth pads and grooving hi-hat introduce a bold kick. Evolves by the book into an early house classic with 808 snares and claps. At 1:48 muted synth chords start stabbing the air, gradually building tension until dropping into a tight groove. Reminiscent of the music to “Good life” by Inner City, with better production. Retro, confident and driving. Vox version has a soulful male voice (Elliot Chapman).


Day to Night

Lush pensive evolving synths introduce joined by a muted build up of kick, bold funky rhodes and synth bass arpeggios. The track teases you by rising and falling, not ever quite kicking in but building deliciously with percussion and synth pads, keeping you on tenderhooks thoughout. Dark, sultry and sophisticated dance music. Vox version has a soulful male voice (Elliot Chapman).



Crisp summery house beats with tasteful conga and a bassline that is just falling over itself. Soft rhodes and tinkling percussion create a lush atmosphere, reminds me of a dreamy beach party in Ibiza. Alone – Blissfully dancing on your own maybe? As opposed to being alone and sad with no mates 🙂 Vox version has a soulful male voice (Elliot Chapman)