Salutations Plains Wanderer

Dreamy multi-instrumental track. Gentle, swaying, looped piano motif, joined by bright, pealing keys, hypnotic and cyclical. Moves to a jazz keyboard sound, joined by violin and cello sharing fragments of melody. High register violin and ascending keys drive the melody to an anticipatory hight point. A new section: soft, tender Satie-like chordal piano, joined by breathy sustained strings. A soothing variation on the original motif to finish. Romantic, thoughtful and other-worldly,a sonic dream, astral wanderings with one foot in the 20th century. Would suit a reflective TV scene or a very beautiful documentary.



Orchestral string-led instrumental with harp. Melodic harp solo, bright and hopeful, joined by orchestral strings playing lush, sustained notes and rich marimba. Harp takes on a jaunty rhythm under the sturdy strings. A marimba break, before a bubbling harp and percussion duel takes place under languid violin. Warm marimba like giant water droplets breaks out into an excited rhythm. A marimba break once more, before a return to the lazy string melody. Woozy, relaxed and hypnotic, like a Joanna Newsom instrumental evoking the natural world, would suit nature documentaries or thoughtful Film/TV scenes.


These Waters Remember Part 2

Intricate guitar instrumental. Plucked acoustic guitar lines interwoven. Electric guitar with some reverb and delay effects picks out a melody on top. Electric guitar grows more prominent, sounding like an instrumental Warpaint, while the acoustic lines grow stronger and more intricate. The interplay of guitar lines creates a chiming effect. Atmospheric, melancholy and enveloping, a melancholy, hypnotic sound world, perfect for tense TV/Film/Doc moments in unfamiliar environments.


And You? Dove Sei?

Hypnotic hangdrum track. A hangdrum melody repeats in cycles, joined by hand drums, suspenseful electronics and tension-building strings. Mysterious, tense and thoughtful, moody music to suit a tense thriller – the disquieting calm before the storm.


Red Tail Reel

English folk revival style guitar instrumental. Finger-picking guitar, bluegrass-style broken chords throughout. Guitar bass notes are used to ground the hypnotic broken chord motifs, growing in intensity throughout. Wistful, pastoral and a bit 60s, would fit an intense film sequence, emotional decisions being made, set to a beautiful rural backdrop.


Analog Soul

A moody electronic dance track. 4/4 beats and warm synth chords builds in volume and intensity. Laser beam synths then a bassy break, back to the rhythm, a moody variation on the original. Double time beats build up adding a sense of urgency. Warm and rich with hints of darkness, this intense, hypnotic track looks toward the future, suiting adverts for cutting edge products or intense, emotional TV/film action sequences suggesting irreversible change.


Memories of Blue

Peaceful synth track. Sparse, hazy Rhodes piano chords, dreamy sustained synth strings create a suspended sense of movement. Chilled, comforting and nostalgic, a hypnotic track with a slight lounge/jazz feel. Like the soundtrack to an expensive spa treatment, would also suit tv/docs about the natural world.



A rich, hypnotic Middle Eastern-sounding track. A sounding bell then repeating drums rhythms, a violin-like instrument plays a snaking seductive melody. Occasional dulcimer-like trills add intrigue. Hypnotic, mysterious, intriguing, seductive, intense. Film/TV sequence featuring an intense, mesmerising experience for our characters, out of their comfort zone, exploring the dark beauty of an unfamiliar land.


Douze Petits Volcans

Gallic-inspired dreamy acoustic guitar and glockenspiel mingle in a melancholy dance. Finger-picking guitar and a warm, rich glockenspiel set the tone. Sparkling percussion, layered guitars and sustained glockenspiel notes add depth and intensity. Accordion expands the sonic palette further, as glockenspiel and guitar arpeggios dance around each other in hypnotic, swirling phrases of hopeful intensity, until a slightly melancholy end. Dreamy, magical and wistful with a hint of pensive longing. A track for periods of inner reflection and existential soul-searching. Tough decisions need to be made. Uncertainty and confusion are met with firm resolve. There is hope.


Soaring Dreams

Delicate yet jumpy and surprising, with a structure that spans through 4 different musical ideas and arrangements throughout the piece. A classical and poignant orchestral start followed by a paced, urged second section. After that, a solid rhythmical element enters the scene and takes the piece at its maximum level of complexity. The last part is left to a somber and saturnine piano with the help of rarefied woodwinds inserts. Overarching all these shifts, a feeling of melancholy and yearning, a flower full of hope.