Going to Bill’s

Intense acoustic guitar instrumental. Dark, pensive intro growing in speed and intricacy. Quick, repetitive strumming creates a drone effect. Hints of Spanish/Latin American guitar, Western movie soundtracks, as well as Middle-Eastern sounds. Suspenseful, tense and brooding, moving like a seductive dance, would suit onscreen tension on Film/TV or a sombre documentary about seedy goings-on and modern-day cowboys.


Happy Feet (Suite)

Classic swinging brass-led jazz track. Piano, shuffling drums, syncopated strummed guitar intro. Brass enters with a fast, energetic melody sounding like When The Saints Go Marching In, or a classic big band standard. Upbeat, happy, positive and warm, harking back to the jazz-age, would suit a modern Film/TV scene set in New Orleans, contrasting old and new. Would also suit a fun and friendly advert for a family product.

Bed version omits the Brass melodies.


A Father’s Grip

Thoughtful acoustic guitar folk instrumental. Slow and pensive folky melodic acoustic guitar intro. A pause then a faster section, with finger-picking repetitive folk/blues guitar. A more meandering, explorative section follows into a more upbeat improv-style, rootsy country/folk section. Contemplative at first, then hopeful and positive, yet low-key. Bert Jansch with hints of boogie-woogie, a guitar journey to accompany reflective, traditional scenes on TV/Film/Adverts.


Together for a Better Day

Confident and cheerful, with energetic electric guitars and playful synths that create a perfect designed-for-catchiness mood. Structured in three parts, with a guitar riff intermezzo at 0:40 and a bass-led coda that starts at 1:23. Perfect for a variety of uses, including corporate videos, inspirational advertising, product showcases.


Clouds Party

Fun and celebratory, a grand and colourful orchestration gives a sense of contagious energy. Magic is in the air, as the twisty dialogues between flute, oboe and brass remind us in the middle section. With a great impulse for discovery and adventure, it will suit both a Hollywood and Japanese cartoon style fast paced setting.