Utter Nutter Theme (Suite)

Groovy 70s funk. Cheesy horn blasts, funky beats, vinyl scratching samples, zany saxophone interludes and jazz piano in your face in an explosion of wacky, swirling 70s groove. Fun, upbeat and happy, retro 70s New York vibes with a cheesy edge, imagine as a TV theme tune for a NYC cop show about 2 crazy cops getting into some hilarious scrapes, or for an advert promising to inject excitement into family mealtimes.


Adventure Reality

Weird and bouncy, with syncopated djambees and a tentative double bass that dialogue together in a sort of silly and somewhat sinister 30 seconds of music. It has an interesting edge of dark playfulness that will suit off-advertising but also mickey-mousing of animated characters. Drunk and Disney.



Jaunty and sneaky, a nice patchwork of old style rock and roll piano chords, soul inserts, R&B and jazzy samples all caged in an energetic big beat structure. A saxophone comes and goes to complement this quirky and compelling episode of music.



Dark and disturbing, with dissonant synth pads and ethereal choirs that evoke a visceral and hypnotic feeling. It alternates rhythmical patterns with ambient loops. Trippy and acid mix of exotic flavours and modern beats that will happily take your character to non-linear realities.


The Carousel of Memories

Hypnotic and delicate, featuring a sinister melody played by an accordion and spooky sounds melted with a glockenspiel toward the last section. Ideal for teen thrillers, scary and disturbing scenes, psychological and mysterious sequences.


Flea Circus & Ice Cream Man

Flea Circus is a drunken comic waltz, with high cartoon singing and cracking whips. I’m including this as the entire website’s most ludicrously specific track. If someone uses this, it can only be for a scene with a circus of very small creatures singing drunkenly together. With whips.

Then (in Ice Cream Man) they all go off and get ice creams in opera mode. Of course.