Saxophone led smooth jazz track. Delicate walking double bass, playful jazz drums, subtle guitar chords and soloing saxophone to start. Masterful gentle electric guitar solo then back to sax melody. Upbeat, cool and casual, classic Count Basie-style jazz, perfect as bustling background music for Adverts and Documentaries or for a fast-paced retro montage on TV/Film.

Bed track with No Saxophone available.


Playful Orchestra

Sneaky and playful, with pizzicato strings, brass accents and an alluring theme embodied by woodwinds and violins. Somewhere in between a big orchestra and a folk band, it steadily increases in tempo as it progresses. Great for light and quirky advertising.


Blue Valentine

Playful with a dreamy edge, a delicate ensemble of synths that evoke a sense of futuristic exertion and in some sense an inevitable acceptance of the randomness of events. Like a child of Rutger Hauer’s Nexus 6 playing with its toys in a semi dark sitting room.


Stories and Stones

Catchy and uplifting, with a folk acoustic guitar and a warm male choirs that create an interesting and compelling episode of indie acoustic folk. The second part develops into a fully arranged piece with increased complexity. Several applications, from emotional and in your face commercials to soundtracks for dramas and bittersweet comedies


Frog Orchestra

Casual and light, a playful tune that happily marries orchestral patterns with modern rhythmical drum interjections. Strings, glockenspiel and brass dialogue together without engulfing the scene too much. Like being in a wet and muddy forest with a magnifying glass, observing quirky animals and such hopping around and tentatively catching up with their instincts. Simple and nice theme that is repeated throughout the tune in an ABAB fashion.



Peaceful and bright, with a confident yet tender acoustic guitar and delicate piano inserts that build a relaxing and mellow episode of music. It gains strength and develops harmonically in the last 30 seconds. A bass guitar helps to deliver an effective coda that will suit the end of a cinematic sequence or advertising pieces.



Jaunty and sneaky, a nice patchwork of old style rock and roll piano chords, soul inserts, R&B and jazzy samples all caged in an energetic big beat structure. A saxophone comes and goes to complement this quirky and compelling episode of music.


Honey Doo

Bright and positive, with a catchy whistle and a friendly acoustic guitar that deliver a heartwarming and fun episode of music. Will suit relaxing and light 1 minute advertising, animations, and TV comedies.


Doh Doh Doh

Jolly and lively, with quirky vocals and strummed acoustic guitars that create a fun and light 30 seconds episode of music. Ideal for light advertising, animations but also fun comedies and TV shows.


Island Groove

Bouncy and off episodic, with a low-fi accent made up of retro synths and gated reverbs. An interesting remainders of old video games such as Super Mario Bros and Zelda. Playful and quirky, it will follow your character as it tries to tentatively survive in a world full of giant mushrooms and sneaky turtles.