Disco Nightmare

Dirty D’n’B track. Aggressive, in-your-face drum ‘n’ bass-style beats and wonky synths. Synth breaks with a 90s vibe ease the tension. Dark and murky with an intense propulsion, perfect for a tension-filled TV/Film sequence.


Happy Blocks (Suite)

A cheerful cat-and-mouse game featuring orchestral violins and marimba. Pizzicato violins start with a jaunty melodic idea, soon accompanied by rousing timpani. The violins’ melodic sequence moves to a higher register and playful marimba dances around the melody. Marimba develops into a counter melody before the track ends with a bang. Playful, mysterious, fun and light-hearted, it would suit a comedic interlude on a tv documentary, reality TV shows featuring family members or pets up to mischief, or an ad for something unreasonably desirable that the listener would go to humorous lengths to acquire.

Chaotic version features more marimba action.


Lucid Dreaming

Light and bouncy, with a retro synth bass line and a slapback delayed electric guitar that take us into a smoky and darkish 80s night club without being too overt. Sneaky and relaxed but also playful, it does not take itself seriously and therefore might be good for that wannabe cool character that everyone knows is not gonna make it.


Island Groove

Bouncy and off episodic, with a low-fi accent made up of retro synths and gated reverbs. An interesting remainders of old video games such as Super Mario Bros and Zelda. Playful and quirky, it will follow your character as it tries to tentatively survive in a world full of giant mushrooms and sneaky turtles.


Kerugugs Homecoming

Comic high-drama, toybox symphony. An epiphanic moment. Bagpuss and co. get back home after stopping an asteroid colliding with the earth. Or something. Mega-silly symphony of kazoo, voice and accordion.