Lucid Dreaming

Light and bouncy, with a retro synth bass line and a slapback delayed electric guitar that take us into a smoky and darkish 80s night club without being too overt. Sneaky and relaxed but also playful, it does not take itself seriously and therefore might be good for that wannabe cool character that everyone knows is not gonna make it.


Sprinkles of Black Youth

Dreamy and hypnotic, a sapient episode of twisted synths, sustained and haunting bass drones, and heavily effected celesta that bring an unsettling and scary mood to the listener. It has a weird playful edge that evokes a sense of youth, though we are definitely not playing with positive characters here. Several applications, among those will suit teen thrillers, supernatural horrors with a delicate aftertaste.



Dark and sneaky, a synthesised bass drone decorated with prepared piano inserts and strings articulations that bring in a cheap horror feeling with an industrial element. This will nicely go along with those kind of thrillers and horrors where everyone in the audience thinks: “Really?”. For scary exploitation and b-movies with an ironic edge.


Adventure Reality

Weird and bouncy, with syncopated djambees and a tentative double bass that dialogue together in a sort of silly and somewhat sinister 30 seconds of music. It has an interesting edge of dark playfulness that will suit off-advertising but also mickey-mousing of animated characters. Drunk and Disney.



Jaunty and sneaky, a nice patchwork of old style rock and roll piano chords, soul inserts, R&B and jazzy samples all caged in an energetic big beat structure. A saxophone comes and goes to complement this quirky and compelling episode of music.


Dooms and Chills

Mysterious and saturnine, with filling bassy drones and evoking swarms of synths that create a sense of uneasiness and dark anticipation. Steady until 2:50, it then builds up to a more loaded setting at 4:00, and then delivers different thrilling flavours shifting every couple of minutes. Great for thrillers, horrors and psychological settings.


The Carousel of Memories

Hypnotic and delicate, featuring a sinister melody played by an accordion and spooky sounds melted with a glockenspiel toward the last section. Ideal for teen thrillers, scary and disturbing scenes, psychological and mysterious sequences.