Dark electronic slow build. Menacing repeated bass synth line like Darth Vader humming a Kraftwerk tune, added synth line slowly expands outward, grows higher in register, fizzling, fleeting electro noises pulsate. Threatening, tense and foreboding, a nerve-wracking wait as the symptoms develop, perfect for a sombre TV/Documentary moment, a suspenseful film scene or cautionary advert.



Tense orchestral track. Piano intro, chiming marimba, melancholy lyrical cello solo, threatening piano chords and deep, dangerous double bass builds to more tense, dynamic section. Wailing violins and high piano notes spell an underlying threat. Intriguing, suspenseful and chilling at times, murder-mystery music, would suit a tense film scene or an elegantly violent high society thriller.


The Chase

Powerful percussive thriller. Relentless cacophonous beats above a threatening descending electronic drone. Dark, atmospheric and tense, a breathless, terrifying race through dark back alleys, our character has chosen flight, but might have to fight…



Dark atmospheric electronic track. Crunchy beats, dark piano samples and tense electronic samples. Brooding, menacing and threatening, a dark action film soundtrack set in an unforgiving world.



Dark, foreboding electronic track. Synth blasts, sirens sounds, screeching string samples and electronic glitches. Tense, threatening music for a post-apocalyptic world, where technology has surpassed human intelligence and machines are our unforgiving masters. Uh oh! Also suitable for sleek and powerful car adverts or an intense sports competition.


Avenger (Suite)

An epic menacing orchestral track with an electronic edge. Strings and bombastic drums begin before we are drawn in to the choppy waters of a dynamic string section. An unnerving interlude on synth before the horns, loud drums and frenetic strings return, ending on a dramatic drum roll. Scary, menacing, brash, bold, bombastic. Suitable for a pastiche advert for a powerful movement or bold product, or for an dark, intense film sequence.

Alternative version no.1 features an longer interlude of tribal drums and a distant male roar.

Avenger string section version- no drums.

Shorter versions available (60 secs, 27 secs).


Darklands (Suite)

A frenetic percussive track hurtling toward a dramatic conclusion. Pounding high-octane drums, a low foreboding synth drone, cymbal crashes. A machine-like electronic tone builds tension to a cacophony of heavier drums joined by unsettling electronic feedback. Glitchy electronics intensify to fragmented chaos. Tense, unsettling and breathless, suited to the thrilling climax of a chase scene, a terrifying manhunt or a high-energy advert for a powerful substance.

Perc + FX only Polyphonic drum layers growing in strength and intensity. the futuristic electronic effects coupled with the pounding drums creates a visceral impression of a dark, dangerous post-apocalyptic cityscape.

Perc only conjures images of warfare on unknown territories, troops in a jungle environment pursued by guerilla fighters. Also suitable for adverts for any difficult task, or uphill battle.


Sprinkles of Black Youth

Dreamy and hypnotic, a sapient episode of twisted synths, sustained and haunting bass drones, and heavily effected celesta that bring an unsettling and scary mood to the listener. It has a weird playful edge that evokes a sense of youth, though we are definitely not playing with positive characters here. Several applications, among those will suit teen thrillers, supernatural horrors with a delicate aftertaste.



Dark and disturbing, with dissonant synth pads and ethereal choirs that evoke a visceral and hypnotic feeling. It alternates rhythmical patterns with ambient loops. Trippy and acid mix of exotic flavours and modern beats that will happily take your character to non-linear realities.


The Carousel of Memories

Hypnotic and delicate, featuring a sinister melody played by an accordion and spooky sounds melted with a glockenspiel toward the last section. Ideal for teen thrillers, scary and disturbing scenes, psychological and mysterious sequences.