Endlessly Haydn Eggs

Quirky woodwind instrumental with experimental vocal effects. Sparse cello intro joined by pizzicato strings in jerky counterpoint. Woodwind enters with breaths used to percussive effect. Track builds with layers of rhythmic snatches to a gently minimalist cacophony. Playful and lighthearted with a rich and warm tone, perfect for a nature documentary or a comedic, mysterious Film/TV scene.


Exclusive! Theme 1

Fast-paced jazzy brass track. Jazz drum roll introduced rollicking drums, horn blasts, flashy brass melodies and playful Rhodes piano.Wacky, energetic and showy, a lively track perfect for a flashy, cheesy advert, as a TV gameshow theme tune.


Country Jazz (Suite)

Laid back, feel-good country style instrumental. Electric guitar, double bass and shuffling drums dominate this relaxed country plod. Slide guitar adds colour and a warm glow. Light-hearted, relaxed, chilled, happy, warm, positive, fun. This is a colourful, playful country tune. We’re at a beach shack sipping gigantic fruity cocktails, or on a feel-good retro TV show about unlikely buddies, or in a quirky Pixar animation. More Spongebob Squarepants than Willie Nelson.

Shorter version is 1 minute long.


Happy Blocks (Suite)

A cheerful cat-and-mouse game featuring orchestral violins and marimba. Pizzicato violins start with a jaunty melodic idea, soon accompanied by rousing timpani. The violins’ melodic sequence moves to a higher register and playful marimba dances around the melody. Marimba develops into a counter melody before the track ends with a bang. Playful, mysterious, fun and light-hearted, it would suit a comedic interlude on a tv documentary, reality TV shows featuring family members or pets up to mischief, or an ad for something unreasonably desirable that the listener would go to humorous lengths to acquire.

Chaotic version features more marimba action.


Do it for the Kids

Young, celebratory, motivated and proud. Ukelele and percussion with pizzicato strings and glockenspiel develops into light orchestral movements with solo cello. Hopeful piano interlude with clock ticking sound then big finale. Medium pace.


Chocks Away

Happy lighthearted and fun, a bouncy summery track with full band instrumentation following a verse chorus structure. Medium fast pace.