Instrumental soulful jazz. Theremin effect over woozy brass intro with subtle keyboard chords. Drums and bass guitar enter, brass moves to a more melodic motif. Electric guitar flourishes then electric guitar and vibraphone melody. Change of pace to a more percussive gallop rhythm with horns. Back to bass, floating theremin and lazy brass and a dreamy guitar and brass melody, like bobbing on the ocean. Upbeat, driving rhythmic section on keys, drums and guitar, punchy brass and soulful saxophone build before slowing to a finish. Relaxed, lush, warm and hopeful, would suit a retro Film/TV scene, growing in excitement, tension building, or a romantic moment on screen where tenderness swings to all out love.

Solo Piano version available.


Vagabond Instrumental

Ambient Electronic track. Subtle electronics, delicate bubbly beats, synth vocal samples, orchestral strings and warm reverb, strings build with percussive electronics, back to quiet reverb section. Tranquil, romantic, uplifting, suitable for hopeful adverts or film/TV sequences, the sound of a future world where robots turn out to be friendly and caring.


For Heaven’s Sake

Dreamy indie pop-rock instrumental. Jangly guitars, motorik drums and tons of reverb. Blissed-out, sun-soaked and heartfelt, perfect for an indie film scene, a summer road trip, or an advert channelling youthful abandon.


Piano & Carousel Mix 2

Gentle ad-length piano waltz. A dynamic piano solo that swoops and twirls delicately like an old-fashioned carousel. Romantic, hopeful and free, perfect for an advert where we’re being swept of our feet in a polite, merry dance.


Black Stone (Suite)

Relaxed acoustic shuffle with hints of electronica. Acoustic guitar, shuffling drums and bright, fleeting electronic samples build to a steady laid-back groove, alternating between acoustic sections and more electronics-heavy breaks. Passionate, hopeful and romantic, would suit an intense emotional scene or a pensive onscreen road trip.

Vocal version is even more romantic, with breathy male vocals and tender lyrics.


A Victory For No One (Suite)

An warm, uplifting slow build on piano, with bubbling electronics and soaring orchestral strings. Atmospheric electronics introduce and add edge to a hopeful chord progression on piano. Orchestral strings join later, moving to a quietly euphoric finale. Positive, emotional, heart-warming and a bit love-struck, this emotional build would suit a love scene, or a scene in which our character succeeds against all odds.

No Strings version – A subtle string-like synth replaces full orchestral strings, electronics are more prominent.

No Piano version – Longer build up, Drive-like sustained bass synth notes hold the chord progression. Less sentimental.

40 second version – Shorter, with a quicker journey to the rapturous finale.


Revel in the Flame (Suite)

An uplifting love song with or without vocals. Acoustic guitar and kick drum punch out a rhythmic start, building anticipation. We ease into the song, verse then chorus, then verse with added piano and drums followed by more powerful, rousing chorus. The break maintains this intensity before it’s taken down a notch for one chorus before bursting into a heady but tender finale. Inspiring, positive, romantic, and full of breathless excitement, this emotional grower would suit earnest, all-American films or TV dramas. Our characters, finally reunited, having been kept apart by a series of misunderstandings, decide “Let’s just kick it off…” and embrace love.

The instrumental version is an inspiring guitar and piano build, perfect for rousing, feel-good adverts.


Resting Tree

Gentle, emotional piano track. Jazzy piano chords and a hint of Gymnopédie no.1. The melodic change brings a more American flavour to this simple, thoughtful and hopeful solo piano piece. Warm, rich and wistful, perfect for an advert for a product that will help you to care for your family or bring a sense of warmth and security. Or for TV/film sequences set in a refined and leafy corner of the U.S.


Playground Piano (Suite)

A short, resonant piano piece. Piano chord progression, reminiscent of church music, played with similar conviction and reverence. Full of awe, intensity, certainty, love, with a hint of sadness. Suitable for an emotional moment on film or TV, a funeral, or a moment of loss or of great change, reverent and respectful, heavy with emotion. Would also suit an advert suggesting sunshine after the rain.

Extended version features broken chords, as well as contemplative glockenspiel.

Extended version with Strings features sustained orchestral string swells, and glockenspiel. More emotional and immersive.


The Real Business

Solo jazz piano. Slow-paced, measured jazz piano chords, starts gently, growing in intensity throughout with clashing and resolving chords ebbing and flowing, like inner turmoil. Romantic, thoughtful, wretched in equal measure, perfect for a quiet, pensive film moment, our troubled character unable to decide a course of action in love.