Keep Loving Me

Dark electronica with vocal sample refrain. Sparse, bleepy synth intro with watery delay effects. ‘Keep on lovin’ me’ female vocal sample repeated rhythmically over a determined, striding slow breakbeat. Tender yet menacing synths play out a hooky melody on top. Unsettling and tense with a terrifying passion, obsessive yearning to suit a dramatic TV sequence or fashion story.



Gentle piano and acoustic guitar instrumental. Simple piano melody joined by calming, repetitive acoustic guitar, a key change brings freshness before a blissful section of gentle humming strings like bees hovering on a flower. Chilled, serene and romantic, delicate music for a thoughtful nature documentary or hopeful TV/Film scene full of blossoming love.


Home in the Country

Gentle acoustic guitar track with piano. Strummed acoustic guitar, bright and hopeful with subtle synth chords underneath. High register piano added, shining and sparkling on top. Lush orchestral strings enter with a hum of warm romance before a woozy, underwater break as strings and keys resonate at length. Fade out. Soft, delicate and wistful, a pastoral track with a magical feel, perfect for nature programming, hopeful TV scenes or warm and wholesome adverts.


Impressions of a Choice

Lush orchestral track. Simple, questioning piano introduction leads to sweeping, pastoral strings before a full orchestral mid-section with developed piano melodies and playful woodwind and brass blasts. Hopeful, romantic and soaringly positive, 1980s soap opera meets the Animals of Farthing Wood, romance with a dash of danger.


From Your Garden

Slow keyboard instrumental with slight atmospheric effects. In between harpsichord and piano, melancholy, plinky-plonky broken chords moving from dark to light. Quiet, reflective, intimate and thoughtful, perfect ambient background music to an emotional TV/Film scene of repressed desires and dark, emotional secrets.



Emotional slow-paced string track. Melancholy string solo for 1 min, higher violin line joins, sparse, sombre piano chords punctuate the melody. Slowly shifting, the melody is shared, moments of light and bliss emerging through chordal changes. Further string lines join and the piano rings out on the higher register, a walking accompaniment in reminiscent of stately Baroque style. Strings multiply and build, piano gains strength to a powerful emotional effect. Beautiful, lyrical and sad, a sense of deep yearning permeates the track, perfect film music, cutting through a beautiful imagery, lending an air of nostalgia, romance and longing.


These Waters Remember Part 1

Acoustic guitar track with female vocals. Slow intro of plucked, Spanish-style guitar with atmospheric reverb. Grows more fast-paced. Ethereal female vocals introduced at end. Sultry, mysterious and slightly melancholy, would suit a shot panning an arid landscape, or a strange romance on TV/Film, anticipation, lust and confusion in the desert.


To Sleep

A dark synth pop track with dreamy male and female vocals. A synth pulse introduces male vocals. A dramatic pause before melodic beats drop with layered vocals. Dreamy, mysterious synth drones add tension. A drum and wonky synth break, the vocal chorus returns. A female vocal break ,then call-and-answer with male vocals, before coming together, echoed by the bass line. Synth drones and blobby beats accompany the female vocals an octave higher and male counter melody. Melancholy, tense and dripping in cool anticipation. Dark romance in the city by night. Driving. Coloured lights streak by. Too cool for love.



Intense, emotional female vocal with tense orchestral strings, acoustic guitar and beats. Dreamy vocals, gentle plucked acoustic guitar and reverb-laden beats create a woozy atmosphere with a 90s feel. Orchestral strings and bass guitar underpin the breathy melody. Romantic, nostalgic and intoxicating, would suit a 90s throwback teen drama.


Guitar Titles

Driving electric guitar-led indie track. Upbeat, uplifting with chiming guitars and steady drums, reminiscent of Naughties indie or an instrumental Wild Beasts. Would suit an advert or a Film/TV sequence propelling us headlong through a landscape or into the heady landscape of love.

V2 has added drums, synth and a fuller, heavier sound.