Roots (Suite)

Acoustic guitar and piano track with experimental elements. Gentle acoustic guitar punctuated with electronic noise and water sounds. Joined by warm piano and hints of playfully subtle saxophone, minor chords growing in intensity and turning to major for a hopeful finish. Mysterious, cheeky and subversive, brings to mind a magical woodland scene of trees going walkies while your back is turned. Perfect for TV/Film/Docs, pastoral settings and subtly powerful storytelling.

Bed version is more intimate, featuring more raw, sparse acoustic guitar, brings out the scratchy, barely-there violin and teasing background noise.


Moonless Jungle

Secret clandestine fun, what are those guys up to, skulking around in the shadows? Repetitive spooky chimes are joined by strings and percussion, and eventually pizzicato strings. The arrangement is dynamic, jumping into action in places, and at other times sparse and anticipatory. Great for subversive sections of film with a bit of fun involved.