The Party Wall

Ambient electronics with piano and strings. Bleepy electronic intro with subtle, chiming piano notes cutting through the soundscape. Strings creep in before a powerful, low-register strings swell overwhelms the track and radio samples add a layer of intensity and discord. Tense, ambient and emotional, dramatic background music for a hard-hitting documentary or uneasy TV drama.


Party of Alt

Tense piano and string tracks with effects. Murky and atmospheric, repeated, tension-building piano melody over stark, melancholy strings and a wash of cool ambience. Tense, nerve-wracking and uneasy, perfect haunting soundscape for a crime documentary or a melancholy TV drama.


Light Piano 3 (Suite)

Haunting solo piano with effects. A sustained piano note underpins an atmospheric, effects-laden track with ambient delay and high piano notes cutting through the murky atmosphere. Tense, spooky and uneasy, perfect suspenseful soundtrack to a crime drama or worrying nature documentary.

Alt versions available.


Light Piano 2 Suite

Atmospheric solo piano with effects. Chiming piano with eerie overtones, heavy delay and ambient resonance. Haunting, chilling and dreamlike, perfect for a spooky scene in a chilling British drama, or as background music to a troubling documentary.

Alt versions available with added layers and effects.


Postcard for Dominie

Melancholy solo piano. Haunting piano intro in an unsettling rhythm. Piano chords added, clashing and resolving. The sun comes out with the main motif repeated on a rolling wave of bass piano notes. More intricate melodies introduced , tumbling piano motif. Jazz piano soloing, more forceful, intense, emotional chords before a return to the haunting early motif played with added conviction. Searching, thoughtful and desolate, sounds like a message in a bottle bobbing over the seven seas, would suit a Film/TV/Doc journey, perfect music for a cross-country train journey as the landscape flashes by.


Haunted Music Box

Haunting simple and cinematic, with music box, angelic vocals, piano and orchestral strings, including a searching solo violin. If you are looking for a magical and macabre setting for something you’ve hit gold. This will suit pretty much anything from fantasy adverts to Brother’s Grimm fairy tales. You can almost hear someone narrating over the top. Brilliant.


Curious New World

Alluring and delicate, featuring an arpeggiated celesta complemented by textures of airy synth pads and strings that bring the listener to a dreamy and contemplative state of mind. Great for otherworldly, magical and quirky characterisations.


Angry Mountain

Tensive, haunting, and hypnotic, with an epic aftertaste embodied in a late 18th century orchestration that delivers a slice of retro mood and action oriented setting. A darkish instalment of Hollywood-like classical scores perfect for period and modern drama productions.


Black Path

Edgy and ominous, an orchestral madness with percussive timpani and violin clusters that take the listener directly in a battlefield of demonic setting. Great combination of dark, mystical, and action packed music for horrors and thrillers.



Damned Army

Aggressive and dissonant, featuring a foreboding choir and thundering orchestral elements that create a high charged dark mood. A showy display of musical impending evil, ideal for supernatural thrillers and action oriented horror films.