Tower 42

Emotional, cinematic orchestral string track. Swells of romantic strings, slow and sparse, create an ambient, melancholy soundscape. Sad, desolate and full of longing, perfect for a reflective TV/Film scene during heartbreak or grief.


Utopia Theme 10

Extremely tense orchestral string tremolos with horn and clarinet. Choppy, fast-moving string part creates anticipation and introduces sparse phrases of woozy horns and woodwind. Frightening, mysterious and suspenseful, experimental orchestral track to suit a threatening TV/Film scene or creepy documentary.


Utopia 1

Emotional solo piano track. Sombre, reflective piano melody over shifting broken piano chords, opening to a more expressive, improvisatory section over the same undulating chords. Romantic, reckless and thoughtful, to suit a heartbreaking onscreen decision.


Theme Ambient 71

Slow-moving electronic track. White noise, ambient drones and high-pitched tones create an immersive sound world. Percussive, rhythmic electronics take over, punctuating a soft synth wash. Mysterious, enveloping and atmospheric, hopeful electronic background music, perfect for downbeat or low-key Documentary/Film/TV scenes.


Theme 6 O Kepler

Contemplative acoustic guitar and piano track. Gently strummed guitar with sparse piano melody. Soft, thoughtful and wistful, would suit a reflective TV scene, a character soul-searching and wandering empty streets.


Theme 2 – Utopia

Fantasy synth track. Soft echoing synths, like hesitant but emphatic strings, slow, beautiful and suspenseful. Perfect for nature docs or to accompany dreamlike visuals.


Sweet Madness

Soothing acoustic guitar track. Gentle acoustic guitar chords beneath a sparse guitar melody. Relaxed, laid-back and wistful, perfect music for a romantic drama, summer love or a reflective TV scene set in a sleepy town.


Pre Title 3 – Expedition Whisky

Cinematic orchestral track. Choppy, anticipatory strings, suspenseful violins and tense, driving percussion. Nerve-wracking action film music, dark and foreboding, perfect for a Batman film. Comes to a slightly more hopeful conclusion as the hero makes an appearance.


Piano Optimistic

Simple piano track. Piano arpeggios beneath an emotional piano melody. Tender, bittersweet and melancholy, a yearning ode to love lost and found, perfect for Amélie-style romantic adverts or pensive TV scenes.



Slow-paced, emotional orchestral string track. Tragic strings joined by hopeful passages of lively clarinet, moving in a slow and stately manner to a hopeful ending. Suitable for period TV drama interludes, the camera moving over a rainy English landscape, mirroring personal turmoil.