Filtered arpeggiated synth bass builds to a clear beat with piano. Joined by epic strings. Serious showcase, sounds like achieving something against the odds. Ad length.


Making Your Point

Medium-fast synthpop with vocal ahhs and oohs. Strong beats and violently happy, makes you want to run free and fast. Young, fiercely proud, pulse quickening and driven. Reminiscent of MGMT’s “Kids” but harder and faster.


Circle (Tear) Jerking

Pensive slow electronica. Clear and crisp with strong programmed drums. Strong chorus with chimes and blaring brass. Would suit a demo vid of some sort of brilliant new cool technology. 2:56 brass breakdown to final chorus. Fiercely proud with more than a hint of cool strength.


Les Maîtres du Monde

Surging blistering trance, uplifting, intricate and ecstasy inducing.


Lounging House (Suite)

I’m imagining a rich boutique, a decadent tropical showcase, a sumptuous playground for the rich and opulent. You’re not coming in here mate, them shoes is casual. Laid back beats, rich textures, a chilled mood.


Frisco Disco

High energy disco with a club feel. Intro builds in timbre crashing into sophisticated high energy disco arrangement with funky bass, bongos, string riffs, piano and the occasional sexy voice saying “yes”.


Disco Olympics

High energy disco with a club feel. String intro crashes into full on celebration with party sounds, leading to sophisticated disco arrangement with pokey synth and guitar stabs. Reminiscent of “Relight My Fire” by Take That and the one and only Lulu.



Fractured and bouncy electro pop. Begins with slow harpsichord then changes abruptly to glitchy topsy-turvy rhythms. Fun, bit-crushed and slightly trippy, imagine that bit in The Beach where Leonardo DiCaprio becomes a computer game.



Uncomfortable reggae-funk, with what sounds like electronic braying donkeys in the background (melodica). A quizzical brooding atmosphere with heavy beats. Imagine a slightly dysfunctional circus-like “Your Woman” by White Town.



Sparse synth pad beginning gradually becomes gently rousing with heartbeat-like kick drums, choirs and synth.