Stenet Strand (Instrumental)

Cool and quirky EDM with an electric feel. Becomes gently driving and positive. Laid back and sophisticated with a hint of mystery. End section opens out into a sense of wonder.


SOS til Memphis (Instrumental)

Haunting pious and atmospheric beginning with echoing vocals developing into sparse electronic rhythm with synth and organic fx. Sophisticated, thoughtful and restrained EDM.


Sorgenfri Station (Instrumental)

EDM with electric guitar, synths and organic synth fx. Stomping, head nodding, modern and upbeat whilst retaining a cool sensibility. Well balanced and tasteful.


Latte Liga (Instrumental)

Pensive electronic buildup with staccato electric guitar and piano. Atmospheric, with light trance riffs, high fluting synths and delicate electric guitar arpeggios.


Klynkernes Bro

Downbeat electronica with percussive echoing sequences. Cool, sensual and snaking.



Heartbeat like trepidation, leads to gentle electronic buildup in expectancy. Chilled and slowly rousing, punctuated with bursts of electric guitar. Hiding from The Terminator meets 80’s stakeout.


Casinosøen (Instrumental)

Light and jaunty, EDM. Laid back and grooving with lots of arpeggiated synth lines. Futuristic and bright.



Childlike electronic track, kitch and dreamy but with a strong plodding beat. A bit like christmas if you are Aphex Twin’s pet robot. Medium pace.


Awake When Yr Asleep

Whimsical, dubby but light electronic beat with a carefree whistling synth topline. Chilled, laid back ambient progresses to a light driving pulse, suitable for technology documentaries – imagine a promo unveiling Tesla’s new car.


Ambient House

Moody electronic track with bass, sparse percussion and a rich, warm orchestral string base. Builds and shifts to a faster dance pulse. Full of anticipation and tension but with a hint of calm and hope from the warm orchestral string progression. Suitable for tense, life-changing moments or free-wheeling characters on TV/Film.