Blue Diamond

Lush guitar production in this warm happy and carefree track. Rounded electric guitar is joined by a choir of female ahh voices, piano and drums. Imagine a sunny wholesome day out in the park with your best friends. Perfect advert music.



Ambient, minimal piano, slightly stilted, is joined by gentle but clear acoustic guitar, creating feelings of tension and release. Builds with light percussion and minimal kick drum to a tense crescendo. Relief in the second half, with an open and “breathable” ending. Serious but also hopeful, and ultimately serene.



Atmospheric, urgent piano track with added emotive string parts. Driving, dynamic and moving, perfect for humanitarian campaign videos and promotional material.



Round bouncy synth in an arpeggiated monotone start, joined by organ and cheerful high synth. Building lightly with tiny cymbal strikes, then breaks down into a small organ section. Final section builds to a full beat but still has that gentle laid back feeling to it. Warm, gentle and reassuring.


The Colour’s Coming Back to our Faces

Happy positive rock track with electric guitar, strings and piano. A bit Coldplay “When I Ruled The World”-like. Wholesome, warm and optimistic. Something great has happened, something has been achieved. We’ve done it. Perfect for corporate / charity campaign.



Filtered arpeggiated synth bass builds to a clear beat with piano. Joined by epic strings. Serious showcase, sounds like achieving something against the odds. Ad length.



Confident rock drums are joined by a growling bassline reminiscent of early artist “Peaches”. Groove continues with shrill synth string interjections and ends tidily. Straight to the point and no nonsense.


Making Your Point

Medium-fast synthpop with vocal ahhs and oohs. Strong beats and violently happy, makes you want to run free and fast. Young, fiercely proud, pulse quickening and driven. Reminiscent of MGMT’s “Kids” but harder and faster.


Circle (Tear) Jerking

Pensive slow electronica. Clear and crisp with strong programmed drums. Strong chorus with chimes and blaring brass. Would suit a demo vid of some sort of brilliant new cool technology. 2:56 brass breakdown to final chorus. Fiercely proud with more than a hint of cool strength.


Saisis par le Soleil

Glassy tones with bright guitar arpeggios and gentle glockenspiel. Delicate timbre with emphasis on glittering fantasy. holds back and quickens to 2:51 where strummed guitar introduces a more urgent section with horns and building layers of harmony. At 4:58 there is a held breakdown where everything is still, like holding your breath, then glock and guitar build almost imperceptibly to a strummed final section with added percussion. A beautiful, sublime track.