Elevator Style Jazz

Laid back and catchy, with jazzy guitars and a simple rhythm that fills the scene to create a chilled tiny loop of music great for easy listening purposes. For elevators, customer service lines, hotel halls.


Distant Lands

Contemplative and poignant, featuring an ethereal yet moving piano solo figure complemented in the last section by a mellow strings section. Ideal for emotional advertising, romantic movie scenes, and end title sequences.


Let’s All Go for a Ride

Positive and fun, with pop-rock stylish guitars and bouncing synths that give a sense of motivating and joyful flow. Perfect for corporate videos, presentations, TV commercials, and products presentations.


Little Wanderings

Soft and lighthearted, with mellow vibraphones, fun orchestral percussive elements and a strings section that reinforce a sense of celebrative, festive, and playful mood. Perfect for fun presentations, TV campaigns, corporate videos.


Blue Diamond

Lush guitar production in this warm happy and carefree track. Rounded electric guitar is joined by a choir of female ahh voices, piano and drums. Imagine a sunny wholesome day out in the park with your best friends. Perfect advert music.