The Ballydesmond

Playful and bright, with a cheerful harmonica, fiddle, acoustic guitars and percussion that make for a lively folk setting with a festive mood. Remainders of Irish and Scottish countryside, will suit village celebration scenes, travel montage.


Meeting is Over

Pompous and hypnotic, with an entrancing dialogue between vocals and harmonica that create an meditative and longing feeling. A compelling folk with a dark flavour, will complement your character as he makes it to the top of the mountain and looks at the world from a higher perspective.


Before My Time is Done

Hypnotic and earthy, with soft percussive elements, acoustic guitars and a mellow leading fiddle that take us into world/folk territories without being too flashy. Sounds like venturing into the wild unknown but you have all your marbles with you and you know what your are doing. See, if only Leonardo had this music in The Revenant, he wouldn’t have been molested by a bear.


The Plucky Brainworm

Playful and quirky, this tune combines elements of Celtic music with a corporate soundtrack flavour. With ukulele strums, a heartwarming glockenspiel, and fiddle as leading instrument, it will suit fantasy worlds and cinematic sequences, as well as corporate and product videos.