Inner City

Industrial hip hop track with effects-laden electric guitar. Chiming, forlorn guitar rings out over a sparse landscape before it is joined by heavy hip hop beats and bass, adding a more upbeat edge to the track. Desolate, thoughtful and slightly angry, bringing to mind the empty streets of a neglected city suburb in the U.S.


I Am Kloot

Shuffling breakbeat and heavy bass synth track. Warm but heavy synth harmonies over a D’n’B beat with added drums and a further minimal, pulsating synth line. Fuzzy, fun and low-key, a summery sound for chilled adverts.


Hoodstar (Instrumental)

Brooding, intense instrumental with electronic samples, synth and hip hop drums. Tense, minimal at times, mysterious and foreboding, leaves us without any answers. Suitable for a tense inner-city investigation on a crime series or film.



An atmospheric journey with dreamlike textures, featuring bells, shuffling drums, and syncopated orchestral strings. Searching, driven, and slightly chaotic, suitable for promo videos, travel segments and poignant moments. Picture a lush dreamy national geographic panorama.