A Big Score

Experimental, tropical instrumental with brass and percussion. Wavy brass and woodwind and sparse frenetic double bass, oud-like guitar with shakers, drums and orchestral percussion begin a 2-part musical journey in Casablanca, or some other city of intigue and passion. Marching band snare gives way to tropicalia on shakers, bass, acoustic guitar and wah wah effects. All the colour and life of a tropical jungle dances sweatily together with brass holding the Latin-style melody. Retro, intriguing yet sexy and ambient, suited to an ambitious Film/Doc or TV show set in sensual, sunny climes or an atmospheric summery advert for a passion-inducing indulgence.


Samba Street Party

Upbeat percussion track. Drums rolls intro on hand drums. All out African polyrhythms on various drums. Uplifting, celebratory and uptempo, perfect for gripping sports coverage or adverts channelling South American Carnival vibes.

Ad lengths available.


As Lovers Do

Crisp and smooth, with a marked jazzy brass influence but also Latin remainders and juicy funky guitars. Soft and romantic with an exotic edge, this is pure gold for the lovers of smooth jazz, with top notch solo performances and great taste in the arrangment.



Delicate and bright, with a wonderful smooth jazz feeling, mingled with fresh samba rhythms and a funky attitude. Strongly rhythmical yet perfect for chill out settings, it features great sax and keyboard solos.


Small World

Engaging and uplifting, this track combines elements of Latin world music with Spanish Flamenco. It features a slick dialogue between two acoustic guitars, drums with percussions and two chorus-like episodes at 0:55 an d 1:22. Paco De Lucia and Pat Metheny shake hands. Ideal for a documentary title sequence, film promos, travel scenes, and ad campaigns.