For All The Children (Part 3)

Dramatic, hopeful piano and orchestral string track. Warm, expressive orchestral strings soar over undulating piano arpeggios imitating a lifeboat on rough seas. Conflicted, yearning and sombre with a ray of comforting hope, perfect for romantic period dramas.


For All The Children (Part 2)

Dramatic orchestral string track with piano. Expressive strings soar over fast-moving piano arpeggios, creating a melancholy wash of yearning and unfulfilled desires. Powerful, dynamic and passionate, perfect for an uptight British TV drama concerning repressed lovers.


It Was Revealed (Parts 1 and 2)

Expressive orchestral string track. Gentle, lyrical orchestral strings soar in counterpoint over an unsettlingly tumultuous piano part. Dramatic, cinematic and slightly cacophonous with a European sensibility, would suit a passionate TV Drama or period film scene.

Part 2 features a fuller orchestral string sound and heavy use of vibrato, with piano taking a back seat.



Slow-paced, emotional orchestral string track. Tragic strings joined by hopeful passages of lively clarinet, moving in a slow and stately manner to a hopeful ending. Suitable for period TV drama interludes, the camera moving over a rainy English landscape, mirroring personal turmoil.