Instant 3

Ambient downbeat electronica. Soft harp-like synth arpeggio to begin, sparse synth melody joins, along with atmospheric sound effects, rattling, deep, sustained synth and tentative hand drums. Cowbell-like insistent beat introduced over the melody. Tense, moody and dark, reminiscent of Wild Beasts during their reflective moments, like Four Tet, the build up section of an electro banger, or like trap without the trap beat. Would suit a documentary or film scene loaded with anticipation, uncertainty and suspicion.


Guitar Titles

Driving electric guitar-led indie track. Upbeat, uplifting with chiming guitars and steady drums, reminiscent of Naughties indie or an instrumental Wild Beasts. Would suit an advert or a Film/TV sequence propelling us headlong through a landscape or into the heady landscape of love.

V2 has added drums, synth and a fuller, heavier sound.