Pulsating electronic track. Fat bassy synth, flashes of synth and electronic glitches start, joined by a regular, throbbing beat, more beats then layers of extra fat synth build the atmospheric tension. Tense, dark and foreboding, full of dark energy, imagine a tense action scene or a nail-biting TV moment.


Airy Fairy

Intriguing mid-tempo electronic track. Shaker and hand drum-style percussion, twinkling electronics, bright, glassy synths and sustained atmospheric synth chords unfold and expand. Sustained synth grows in intensity, organ style synth chords chime out, cutting through the dreamscape. Dense, magical, ethereal and futuristic with hints of tension and discord. Feels like a voyage of discovery in a utopian future world, or a personal journey of realisation.



Magical and groovy, with a sensual moog arpeggio and a mellow drum machine groove that make for a cool and energetic feeling nested on a mid-tempo rhythm. Like a passing cloud on early nineties pop-electronic skies. French electronica taste here. Will suit short form advertising and high-tech product videos.



Dynamic with a celebratory edge, featuring a compelling and solid arpeggiated synth and a four-on-the-floor dance rhythm that create a soft and magical episode of electronic music. Vintage remainders of old synth, pads, and quirky sound effects. Like a night-time time lapse of a future city filtered by a child’s mind.