Bouncy electronic track. Duo of arpeggiated synth lines, the punchy beat drops, groovy synth line, joined by high-hat drums. Melodic break of 90s-style percussive synth, a beat break, before an outro straight out of a French house track: warm, anticipatory major synth chords and a mellow bassline. Suspenseful at first, excited, upbeat, groovy and fun with a slight element of danger. suitable for a serious action film scene that gains a sense of humour as the action progresses. Or a chase scene or advert of varying moods, with an ever-changing backdrop throughout.


Tickety Tock

Tense, percussive electronic track. High-tension, high-pitched, high-speed cowbell beats over sparse pounding drums and fleeting percussive and electronic effects. A trance synth beat takes things down before piano chords introduce a hyperactive finale. Nerve-wracking, exciting and full of anticipation, a nail-biting percussive race with Balearic House vibes, suitable for a any TV/Film/Advert scene where the heat is on and the clock is ticking.



4-to-the-floor stomper with a Latin leaning. Full bodied, driving and sexy, with timbales, trumpets and latin BVs. Sense of fun and party time. Excellent.


Never Wanna Say

Synth pads and grooving hi-hat introduce a bold kick. Evolves by the book into an early house classic with 808 snares and claps. At 1:48 muted synth chords start stabbing the air, gradually building tension until dropping into a tight groove. Reminiscent of the music to “Good life” by Inner City, with better production. Retro, confident and driving. Vox version has a soulful male voice (Elliot Chapman).



Happy intro with solo violin riffs and evolving arpeggios, quickly form a firm driving groove with a strong roving bass line. Mood is neutral but chilled, then after a few breakdowns at 3:07 it reduces to a stomping 4-to-the-floor cut down beat before the rest of the elements crash back in. I could personally listen to that reduced beat all day – awesome production throughout. Understated, refined and sophisticated. Vox version has a soulful male voice (Elliot Chapman).


Day to Night

Lush pensive evolving synths introduce joined by a muted build up of kick, bold funky rhodes and synth bass arpeggios. The track teases you by rising and falling, not ever quite kicking in but building deliciously with percussion and synth pads, keeping you on tenderhooks thoughout. Dark, sultry and sophisticated dance music. Vox version has a soulful male voice (Elliot Chapman).



Crisp summery house beats with tasteful conga and a bassline that is just falling over itself. Soft rhodes and tinkling percussion create a lush atmosphere, reminds me of a dreamy beach party in Ibiza. Alone – Blissfully dancing on your own maybe? As opposed to being alone and sad with no mates 🙂 Vox version has a soulful male voice (Elliot Chapman)